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How to Deal With Office Assholes

Every office has assholes who spoil everything for everyone. They annoy us. They upset us. They drive everyone crazy. It takes a certain personality, a certain talent to do what the rest of us view as appalling, disrespectful or plain crazy, and get away with it. The good news is that we don’t have put up with these office assholes. The bad news is that it is not easy to confront them.

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Ask Your Boss: My Boss Called Me A Moron, and I Want to Quit. For the Third Time.

Your boss called you a moron, huh? No matter how frustrated I have ever felt, no matter what words were rushing through my brain, I have never call any of my employees names (not that I did not want to). First, it is very unprofessional. Second, it is horribly demeaning. Third, it shows that you are a moron yourself. Fourth, it is putting you, as a boss, in a very vulnerable position.

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Ask Your Boss: How Do I Tell My Manager About a Job Offer?

Let’s be honest, you are going to tell your manager about this job offer because you want a counter offer, some sort of monetary acknowledgment of your value to the company. You like your job, you just want more money, right? So to answer your last question, I am going to say “yes.” There is a very strong possibility that your manager will think that you are trying to extort a raise by threatening to leave.

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Unsent Letters To My Employees: Four Months of Nothingness

Remember that project I assigned to you four months ago? Four. Months. Ago.

I remember the day we talked about this project very vividly. You looked very attentive, listened carefully, nodded your head as if you understood everything. You were even taking notes. I believed you. For once I put all my pre-conceived notions about you behind us, and I believed you.

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I am Offering Resume Review Services

Let’s admit it, not everyone is capable of composing a resume that adequately highlights their abilities.The candidate who lands an interview is usually the one who has the most impressive resume.
I can help you to create a well-crafted resume that fits your skills, experience and background. A professionally looking resume that presents your actual skills can dramatically increase your resume response rate. After all, I know what employers are looking for in resumes.

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