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My resume was way too long and didn’t highlight the most important parts of my experience and education–it looked like my strategy was “throw it all up there and see what sticks!” Aloysa showed me exactly what she changed and why- and the end result is a concise, informative resume that reflects a confident and competent candidate. Thank you so much for your expertise and assistance Aloysa!

American Debt Project

I am a personal trainer. In my line of work people never ask me for a resume. Usually they ask me for a short bio or a personal statement. Currently I am in search of a new private fitness studio. One of a new studio owners asked me for a resume. I promptly put it together, and asked Your Boss to review it.  She restructured, changed and edited my resume quite thoroughly. She also showed me exactly what changes she’s done. Overall it was a very satisfying experience. Most importantly, Your Boss educated me about resume writing. Thank you!

Laimis Energy Personal Training

Some recent uncertainty at my current company made me decide it was time to pull out my resume and get it up to date, just in case. And then I found the perfect job to apply for. I needed a good resume, and I needed it pretty quickly.

The problem was, my current position is my first in a management role. I knew how to structure my resume for personal accomplishments, but I knew, just knew, I was leaving some key things out. So, I sent my resume and the job listing to Aloysa.

She was able to point out a number of things I failed to list in my resume and also to help me tailor it to that specific listing, making sure that my resume addressed the position requirements directly.

Her changes and suggestions were clear and concise, and it helped me build my base resume, which I can now customize for any position with just a few changes.

Thank you so much for your help!

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