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4 Benefits Of Having Healthy Employees

Whoever said employees are the lifeblood of an organization obviously missed one keyword: healthy.

Right. It’s not just any employees who will deliver results and push a brand to the next level. They have to be in good physical, emotional and mental health.

Yet, poor health is still a big issue in the American workforce, so big that it costs the economy over $500 billion every year. Clearly, if you aren’t taking steps to improve employee health and wellness, your business stands to lose to most.

Keep reading to learn why healthy employees should be your top priority.

1. Increased Productivity

Let’s get this obvious one out of the way.

As an employer, fewer things bring you satisfaction than seeing your employees roll into high gear at work. The individual effort of every employee combines to increase the productivity of the various units or departments, and consequently that of the entire organization. If your business is a bike manufacturer with a daily production goal of 20 units, you can count on healthy employees to consistently meet – and even surpass – this goal.

The reasoning behind this is simple.

Healthy employees have the physical and mental energy to focus on their tasks. They also won’t need to call in sick and leave some units understaffed.

2. Cut on Insurance Expenses

It’s a legal requirement for every business to acquire workers’ compensation so that if an employee is injured on the job, the insurer will take care of medical costs and lost wages.

Now, unhealthy employees are far more likely to sustain injuries, meaning you’ll be regularly asking your insurer to pay up injury claims. Of course, there should be nothing to worry about, as that’s why you spend money on group insurance. However, if many workers are getting injured, there’s a chance the policy will max out, forcing you to dig into your pockets to settle additional claims. Plus, your insurer will sure as hell increase your premiums the next time you go in for a renewal.

On the other hand, healthy employees are less likely to sustain injuries. You’ll forward fewer claims to your insurer and, in fact, if you maintain a good record, you can negotiate lower premiums and save your business money.

In addition to saving on insurance, you’ll have lower sick day costs – such as salaries paid to workers you bring on board to temporarily fill the shoes of employees who are away on sick leave.

3. Higher Employee Retention

78 percent of healthy employees are happier with their current jobs.

And when an employee is happy with their job, it means they’ll not only be more productive but also stick with your company for a long time. In a world where retention is a real nightmare for most employers, that will be a big score.

Seriously, think about this. About 3 million American workers (hey Millennials!) jump ship every month, either to start their own businesses or seek greener pastures – but mostly the latter.

When your business becomes a revolving door for employees, several things will happen. Your recruitment costs will skyrocket, revenues will tank, and workplace morale will suffer. Even employees who were seemingly content in their jobs will catch on the trend and leave.

On the upside, healthy employees will earn your organization the exact opposite. Retention rates will soar.

4. Healthy Employees Are Good for Brand Growth

Every year, top news organizations and publications draw lists of the best places to work. Google, Apple, and Microsoft are some of the organizations that never fail to rank on these lists.

Wouldn’t you want your business to get a mention, too?

Getting ranked as one of the best employers comes with powerful benefits. For instance, you’ll no longer need to take expensive measures like offering fat employee benefits packages to attract the best talent in the market. Or if poaching is your thing, wooing your competitors’ top performing employees won’t be as hard.

But how do you get your firm to the level where it gets recognized as one of the best places to work? True, there are many things you’ll have to get right, but having healthy employees is a crucial one.

Your employees, fit, healthy, happy and satisfied, will become your brand ambassadors. They’ll easily say good stuff about the business online and offline, take pride in wearing company merchandise such as tees and caps; basically, do many of the little things that promote brand growth. It won’t be long before workplace researchers drafting those lists notice.

What Can Employers Do to Improve Workforce Health?

Employers don’t have complete control over their employee’s health. Workers have the right to make personal lifestyle decisions that can adversely affect their health.

That said, you’ve to do as much as you can to give your employees the best chance of good health. Implementing a wellness program that involves activities such as walking meetings, meditation breaks, fitness challenges and cooking classes will go along way in improving workforce health and wellness.

Partnering with a wellness center is also ideal, as it gives your employees access to health and wellness experts who can catch health issues long before they become major problems, as well as help them make healthier lifestyle choices. View here for more.

It’s Time to Build a Healthy Workplace

Healthy employees are a vital cog in the success of an organization.

As a boss who wants a successful organization, don’t make the mistake of assuming your employees are adults who will make responsible health choices for themselves. You’ve to lead by example and invest money in the development and implementation of effective wellness programs.

And, be sure to stay to keep tabs on our blog for the best productivity and work-life hacks.

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