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5 Great Side Gigs That Can Earn You Money

Could you use a little bit more cash in your bank account? You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would complain about seeing their bank statement go up every month. Even if your job pays well, a little extra doesn’t hurt. Here’s where side gigs come in. An estimated 44 million Americans already have a part-time job on the side. Reasons for having one range from supplementing the income you already have to saving for a special occasion, like a dream vacation or a wedding. No matter why you want…

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Earn Money on the Side Leaving Your Job Start Your Own Business 

Turn Your Hobby into a Career

Don’t we all dream of taking something we love and making a living out of it? Hobbies are activities we enjoy doing, and we are good at. Many of them have good revenue potential, but you might have to get a bit more serious. Talent is fine, but you will need to acquire some new skills like marketing, inventory and time management. So, don’t rush to quit your current job just because you had a moment of revelation. Think about which necessary skills, contacts and experience you already have, and…

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Earn Money on the Side Leaving Your Job 

5 Bold Tips to Make Money from a Parenting Blog

Every parent has an experience worth recounting. It can be inspiring, motivating, terrifying or informative. Whatever your parenting experiences, it is now possible to make money by blogging about the same.  A Scarborough Research Study in 2012 showed that 14% of all Americans trust blogs for advice about parenting.  With more people going online, these numbers are obviously higher. A recent study shows 81% of U.S online consumers trust information from blogs. Better still, internet users in the U.S spend 3X more time on blogs than on emails and other…

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The Opportunities of Trading Stocks

Trading stocks has become synonymous with online stock trading, since this is an aggressively internet dependent age. Trading in stocks has tremendous opportunities. Because there are no restrictions regarding qualifications, time and investments, sky is the limit when it comes to stock trading. • Quick Returns – With most businesses, there is a time of waiting between making the investment and getting the returns. However, with stock trading, there is no such waiting or advertising hassles. You invest and depending on your investment, you can get your returns almost instantly.…

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