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10 Creative Promotional Products for Small Businesses

Over 80% of people did business with a company after receiving a promotional product.

In a world where social media is so active, sometimes planting a tangible seed in someone’s daily routine results in business. Whether it’s handing them a sticker or providing their new favorite water bottle, you don’t know what difference a product is going to make.

Items someone can use or place in front of them can mean so much more than a quick Instagram post. If you’ve run out of ways to advertise, we can hopefully help you out.

Below is a list of 10 creative promotional products you can use for your business. Keep reading to give your business the boost it needs.

1. Dad Caps

Whether it’s someone not wanting to deal with their bedhead or it’s a bright day that calls for some coverage, throwing your logo on a dad/baseball cap can take things the extra mile.

Caps are easy to throw on and can be styled with workout gear or a casual shirt and jeans. You want something that can be worn and seen in many different scenarios.

If you are feeling extra fashionable, design the cap with a distressed look. Everyone loves a broken-in cap to throw on.

Still need some extra ideas for this one? Look to the professionals.

2. Colored Lens Glasses

One of the hottest current trends are glasses with colored lenses. Whether it’s a bright yellow or blazing red, colored glasses make a statement.

Make a statement even bolder by taking your logo color and turning it into something consumers can wear. Print your logo on the side and you’re good to go!

This is a great product to hand out with business cards.

3. Lip Balm

The sun can burn, and the cold can make skin dry. No matter the time of year or location, people are in desperate need of lip balm.

Investing in lip balm as a promotional gift idea is smart because it is something people will use frequently. This means people will see your marketing frequently.

To make it even more fun, offer some tinted options. A fun pink color can lighten up any mood while bringing moisture to the lips. A red will add passion and attitude.

Practicality is important, and lip balm never goes out of style. There’s nothing worse than a pair of chapped lips.

4. Stress Balls

Everyone knows stress runs high. Between running back and forth between home, errands, and work, people are looking for something to bring them comfort.

One of our favorite cool promotional items is a stress ball. It’s something small and lightweight consumers can keep on their desk or in their purse.

Putting your customers in a better mood can bring you better business. A stress ball is one of the many ways to relieve stress and bring relief.

5. Dog Toys

If you’re a dog owner, you know many dog toys are expensive. Why not give dog owners a break?

Any good dog owner spends plenty of time with their pup so hopefully, they will be seeing plenty of the pup’s new favorite toy.

Make them fun with different colors and sizes for all breeds. And who knows, maybe the family cat will also end up liking it?

Give the dogs something to chew on while the owners can mentally chew on their decision to use your business. It’s a win for everyone around.

And come on, dogs always deserve toys. No matter what.

6. Shot Glasses

Especially if you are a restaurant or bar, investing in printed shot glasses can be a great investment. They are small enough for people to easily take home and provide fun for any gathering.

Throw a fun saying on them such as, “Take a shot with us!” This will make people giggle, but it also might sway them to use your business.

Whether it’s for a fun night at home or someone attempting to become the hottest mixologist in their apartment, give them a unique promotional item to use often.

7. Mugs

Many people love a cup of coffee or hot tea in the morning. Wake them up a little more with your logo.

Every morning they can shake off sleepiness with your brand right in front of their face. Branded mugs are one of the top ways to gain business and increase workplace productivity.

You could even go the extra mile and hand out branded tea packets or coffee stirrers with your logo. Give the people what they want and need!

8. Fanny Packs

Whether your customers are heading to the amusement park, going to a music festival, or going out on the town for the night, provide them with a fashionable fanny pack.

A fanny pack provides easy storage, decreases pickpocketing, and shows off your brand. Consumers will be walking advertisements, realizing it or not.

Fanny packs are making a come back so stay on top of the trend with this promotional gift idea.

9. Soap

There’s no way to back this one up other than saying everyone uses soap. Well, they should be using soap.

10. Pool Floats

A cute pool float is one of the most coveted items for the hottest Instagram post. Place your logo on a float and let others do the work for you.

By posting pictures with your float, people are showing your logo off to their followers. Make the floats bright colors or add cute designs like rainbows or watermelon seeds.

Creative Promotional Products to Boost Your Business

By making these creative promotional products for your future consumers, they won’t be able to stop thinking about you. These products are things consumers can use often and show off to all their friends and family.

Everyone loves something practical yet creative that can give their daily life and your income a boost.

If you need further ideas about business, workplace productivity, marketing, or just about anything business related, make sure you check out the rest of our site.

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