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Mobile App Testing Business Advice 

5 Ways Stellar Mobile App Testing Benefits Consumers

App development is a long process of brainstorming, market research, and creativity. There are many moving parts that go into creating a successful app. Even when developers think they are almost done, mobile app testing might send them back to the drawing board. Accurate testing is crucial to a well-built app. It ensures the product is in its best possible form when it hits the market. No glitches, no confusing buttons, not even a typo. Developers rely on app testing to succeed in reaching sales goals and brand awareness. Consumers,…

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employee embezzlement Business Advice 

5 Important Tips For Preventing Employee Embezzlement

“But where has all the rum gone?” That might be what you would ask if you were Captin Jack Sparrow, and you thought one of your pirates was stealing from you. What happens if you run your own business? Or you’re management for a company? Stealing can happen to any company, but statistics prove it is most common in smaller ones. Here are five ways you can be on the lookout to prevent employee embezzlement from happening at your company. Employee Embezzlement Isn’t From Who You Expect Everyone has the…

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