7 Incredible Benefits of Pursuing a Cosmetology Career

Are you looking for your dream career? It looks like 85% of Americans found it as most people currently enjoy the jobs they pursue.

The key? Finding something that suits your personality and makes you happy.

Choosing a cosmetology career can help make you a part of this awesome statistic! Read on to learn 7 amazing benefits of becoming a cosmetologist.

1. Fun and Creativity

A career in cosmetology offers you an outlet to express your creative self. You literally turn a person’s face into a canvas.

It offers you the option to create new looks and styles. Imagine designing a new popular eyeshadow look, hairdo, or nail craze!

This chance for daily creativity leads to a boosted sense of well-being! Plus, your work will feel more like play.

In many instances, a cosmetologist must stick to a script in a sense and create the look given to them by a client. Even though this might suppress your creative edge a bit, you will still get to have fun in your work environment!

2. Freedom

Do you want a future career that offers you freedom? Well, cosmetology is it!

First, you will never find yourself stuck at a quiet desk clicking away at the same computer keys every day. If you do work from one space, your area will look much more colorful and exciting. 

But, the nature of the business offers you the ability to branch out and work from different locations, like people’s homes, behind stages, and anywhere else you can imagine making people look beautiful. You might even travel to amazing destinations for work because the beauty industry covers the globe.

Your freedom also comes in the sense of what you wish to do for your future career choice with your degree. Maybe starting school you thought that you wanted to do hair, but realized you love skincare. This diploma covers so many areas that you can easily switch or take on more than one trade.

With this career, you will also love your ability to create your own schedule. The flexibility will make your life feel exciting and free.

3. Minimum Schooling

School is not for everybody. Some people get bad grades but flourish with a trade.

Entry-level jobs that take people out of high school require long hours with little pay. Often they also give people undesirable tasks.

Jobs that pay comparable to the lower end of cosmetology typically require an associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree. This puts their employees in school for 2-4 years, with papers to write and stressful tests.

Cosmetology only requires a high school diploma or GED. All of your additional education will come from hands-on learning that directly helps you with your career choice. Depending on the direction you take in this career, you can potentially make more money than your college counterparts in other positions. 

4. Demand and Growth Opportunity

You will walk out of beauty school with a career. The demand in this industry makes great jobs readily available.

If you dream to work for a specific company in a very specialized position, then you may not land it right away. But, you will get the opportunity for growth so you can reach that position.

Many 9-5 careers offer the opportunity to only grow so far and then you hit a ceiling. With this career, in each position you take, you will learn different aspects of beauty, truly stacking your tool belt. With the right mindset, skills, and competitive edge, you can outgrow your teachers, because beauty surpasses limits.

If you do not want to work for anybody else, then you can create your own career path as an entrepreneur. With a cosmetology license, you can open up your own studio or travel to your clients. You can develop a business that follows your dreams.

5. Networking

Working in cosmetology sets you up for building a solid network. People from all walks of life walk into salons for self-care, especially the best in their business.

If you love chatting and meeting new people, then this sounds like a win already. But, bigger networks also lead to greater successes.

You will meet people who know people who can help your career set sail for the life of your dreams. Networking is essential for every career, but especially in the beauty industry.

While the business itself will build you a network, you can help yourself build a more profitable network even faster. Ask friends in the industry to introduce you to others, attend trade shows and other big events, join professional organizations, and think outside of the box to stand out in your industry.

6. Helping Others

This career allows you to help others regularly. Applying makeup, cutting hair, and painting nails provide more than just superficial beauty.

These services help people feel beautiful. Feeling better about themselves in this way can improve their entire life by boosting their confidence and mood. It also improves their interactions with other people.

With a little extra training, a cosmetologist might also work as an esthetician, focusing on skincare itself. In this profession, you do not only paint the face, but you improve the overall health of the skin, which can do wonders for another human being.

7. Fame

If you work hard and think fashion-forward, you could make a name for yourself with this career. If you dream of fame and prestige, then this is a career path that can potentially bring you there.

While not everybody will get mentioned by stars like Madonna, you can find your own fame in other ways. You might become a local celebrity who everybody knows when you walk into a place, or you could develop your own youtube tutorials that gain a huge following.

Fame is not guaranteed. But it is possible.

Start Your Cosmetology Career

What are you waiting for? Start building your cosmetology career today, so you can create a life you enjoy.

On this lucrative career path, you will help others while loving what you do. Opportunities will always present themselves in this industry and you will feel free to create your own journey!

Once you begin a career, you may face several obstacles. Conquer them with tips from our website.

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