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5 Smart Corporate Travel Tips Every Executive Should Know About

A much as you love to vacation, you haven’t done nearly the amount of corporate travel as your coworkers. Luckily, it is not too much different in the logistics.

There are, however, a few things you should pay attention to when traveling for work. We’ve gathered 5 quick tips for smarter travel that are especially helpful for corporate travel but can also be applied for leisure.

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Pack Light, Pack Smart

This might be obvious to someone well-traveled, but to many, it’s not. If you are going for a short trip, use a carry-on. If it doesn’t fit in the space above, the airline will let you check it at the front of the plane.

Aside from avoiding baggage fees, a smaller bag forces you to pack only what you need. This means less weight to drag around.

You also won’t lose your bag in transit, nor have to wait to pick it up.

Pick Your Brand(s)

Hotels and airlines alike offer rewards or loyalty programs. These programs are free to enroll in and offer a few perks to make traveling for work a bit more enjoyable.

The major hotel brands offer rewards like free or deeply discounted nights, points on your account (which can be applied to ANY trip,) free upgrades when available, water or snacks at check-in.

Airlines have similar programs where the use of their elite lounge is a perk. These lounges come with showers, food, beverages, and almost always wi-fi.

Pick a brand and stick with it to see rewards down the road.

Make a Memory

When headed to a beautiful city for business, it should always be your goal to make a fun memory. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive, or time-consuming.

If you find yourself with a little time on your hands and want to see something cool, find a tour service that allows you to skip the line. The Paris Guy offers this service so that you can get back to whatever needs to be done without wasting your day in line.

Learn to be Upgraded

We mentioned earlier to become a rewards member with your favorite hotel brand. While these programs do offer upgrades, some hotels can be a pain.

All it takes is being friendly to the front desk, not telling lame jokes, and politely asking if an upgrade is available when the agent is NOT busy.

On airlines, the process is much the same. Let the gate agent know you’d like an upgrade and respect their decision.

Pay attention to your booking code on airlines. Discounted fares aren’t often upgraded and are typically stricter on baggage.

Plan for the Unexpected

Pack some snacks. It could be a bag of trail mix or protein bars. Bring an empty water bottle with you for the fountain. Airports can, do, and have run out of food.

Charge your electronics the night before and bring a battery pack. It’ll save you from boredom and keep you up-to-date with work.

Being prepared will make a huge difference in your comfort.

Making the Best of Corporate Travel

No one said corporate travel was easy or fun. These tips may help you, or your travel buddy who can’t seem to pack everything he needs.

Lucky for you, you don’t have a mundane job behind a desk. This might not be your favorite part of the job, but it’s a part that many people wish they had.

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