Unsent Letters To My Employees: Four Months of Nothingness

Remember that project I assigned to you four months ago? Four. Months. Ago.

I remember the day we talked about this project very vividly. You looked very attentive, listened carefully, nodded your head as if you understood everything. You were even taking notes. I believed you. For once I put all my pre-conceived notions about you behind us, and I believed you.

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About What Your Boss Really Thinks

Wondering what’s going on in your boss’ head? Dying to know what the interviewing panel thinks when you are stumbling to answer a tricky question? Wishing you could know how to handle all that drama at work? Going to ask for a raise but not sure what to say? Just got promoted, feeling overwhelmed but your ego stops you from showing it to your boss? Hold and behold because you find yourself in the right place.

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