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7 Effective Ways to Improve Workplace Productivity

Studies show that employees today are less productive than they have been in past years. This is a crucial dilemma, as employee productivity can directly impact your business’s reputation, profit margins, and customer engagement. Low productivity can actually cost a business more over time. It can be difficult identifying solutions for workplace efficiency, even in a digital age. However, it is possible to boost your company’s overall productivity without adding to your company expense sheet or hiring new employees. Read on for insight into what you can do to improve…

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Ask Your Boss: I am Going on Vacation Either You Let Me or Not!

“I have an employee that on several occasions since she started here almost three years ago gets very defensive and combative at times. It seems to happen when I’ve had to speak firmly to her or inform her of something she doesn’t like the answer to. The most recent was when she came in and told me what days she’s taking for vacation (without previously getting the ok, and I also found that she had already booked tickets) I let her know she did not have sufficient vacation to cover…

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