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Learn How to Take a Great Headshot With These 7 Tips

eMarketer found that 82 percent of customers trust a company more if the founder uses social media. With that said, you need a professional headshot for social media or digital marketing.

At the end of the day, people want to do business with people. People spend more time looking at photos than reading text on websites.

The quality of your headshot speaks wonders about your professional appearance. Learn how to take a great headshot to have a quality and professional representation of yourself for your clients and employers.

1. What You Wear

Even though you will only see a portion of what you wear, it sets the tone for the photo.

Avoid any graphic logos or t-shirts with any images. These images will likely get cut off in the shot and look weird.

Patterns and thin stripes do not look good in photos and also look strange on computer screens.

Remember that portraits often are converted to black and white, so think about the tones and contrast of the colors you choose. Light colors that look good together may appear to be the same color in a black and white image.

2. Your Hair

Take a brush with you to the photo shoot. You want neat hair.

If you have your hair back, make sure you don’t have strays sticking up. Plan on taking a few minutes to touch up your hair before the photo shoot.

3. Glasses

If people are used to you wearing glasses, you should wear them.

If you wear glasses occasionally, make sure you take your glasses off way before your photo shoot to avoid any odd red lines on the side of your face or on your nose. It can take awhile for those marks to disappear.

For those wearing glasses, make sure they stay at the top. Sometimes they slip down blocking your eyes.

4. Know Your Best Side

You probably already know what side of your face you prefer on camera. Tell your photographer right away so he or she can plan the shot accordingly.

Tell your headshot photographer if there is something on your face you don’t want to show in the photo like a scar or dark spot. It’s so much easier if your photographer knows anything that makes you self-conscious.

5. Your Smile

Your smile should be natural. Think about something funny or someone to get a more relaxed photo.

You want a genuine smile. Ask your photographer to take a couple test shots to see which smile you like best.

6. Skin

Studio lighting can make your skin look shiny. Women should wear foundation or concealer to eliminate some of the shine. Men should do a quick wash with water in the restroom or a baby wipe.

Women should be careful with make-up. Use the same amount that you would typically wear to the office.

7. How to Take a Great Headshot – Look in the Mirror First

Look in the mirror. Practice a few smiles and see what makes you feel best.

Give yourself plenty of time before the photoshoot time to freshen up.

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