Leaving Your Job Start Your Own Business 

Helpful Tips to Become Your Own Boss

It’s no surprise that the franchise industry is set to grow exponentially in 2016.  For many reasons, modern-day employees want to be their own boss. The trend of pairing baby boomers with younger millennials is leading to many successful partnerships within the franchising industry.  The fresh, passionate and technological savvy millennial who is eager to completely ditch the corporate ladder is often the perfect counterpart to the baby boomer who wants to be their own boss and has the experience and financial stability to manage a franchise.  The internet has…

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Boss and Technology Productivity 

How Technology can be used to Improve your Business

How Technology can be used to improve your business Many businesses look for new ways to improve and update their processes every day. One of the easiest ways to give your business a boost is by investing in new technology which can streamline processes and improve your overall organisation and communication strategies. Here’s a few ways you could use technology to help improve the day to day running of your business and watch it grow in no time: Improve Communication One of the most pivotal aspects of running a successful…

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About Your Boss 

What a Boss Wants, What a Boss Needs

In the words of Christina Aguilera “Whatever makes you happy sets me free.” It may sound simple, but finding out what’s important to your boss really can be the key to having it all at work. I’ve been a manager and I’ve supported managers so I can verify this from both sides of the fence. When I was a manager, I lead a team of three recruiters. The business in question was a high street recruitment agency so needless to say the identity of these three recruiters would change on…

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