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Top Tips on How to Find Affordable Work Clothes

Have you recently entered the workforce? Or are you anticipating that long-awaited job offer? If so, you may be looking for some cheap professional clothes.

Finding high-quality work clothes is a breeze but doing that on a tight budget is a whole other story. Did you know the cost of a blazer can be $250 for men and as much as $500 for a woman?

It can seem impossible to build an entire wardrobe on the budget that some people spend on a single blazer. However, it can be done.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover our top tips on finding affordable work clothes.

Play Around with What You Already Have

You may have more work clothes in your closet than you think, especially if your company doesn’t have a super strict dress code.

Chance are, you’ve acquired some nice pieces over the years to wear to weddings, parties, or religious events and ceremonies. You may think that it’s out of style or wouldn’t be suitable for work, but you’ll be surprised how different one piece of clothing can look when paired with a different outfit.

Let’s say your go-to college bar outfit was a high waisted black skirt and a crop top. That skirt may be sitting in your closet collecting dust now as you view it as a party outfit. However, try that same skirt on with a conservative button down.

It might not seem like such the party outfit now. And, that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about buying.

Opt for Versatile Pieces of Clothing

Now that you know what clothes you already have that can be worn to work, it’s time to decide on what you should buy next.

It’s always better to opt for versatile clothes. Those patterned shoes might be calling your name, but if you can only wear them with one or two outfits, they aren’t worth it — at least not right now.

Instead, look for items that can be matched with several other pieces of clothing. This typically means going for solids instead of patterns.

If you can’t give up fun patterns completely, that’s okay! You can choose solid colored pants and skirts, and fun shirts. This way you’ll still be able to create several cute work outfits for less.

Upgrade Your Outfits with Jewelry

If you’re not a fan of boring solid-colored clothes, another option is to upgrade them with fun jewelry.

Jewelry can completely transform an outfit, and it’s much cheaper than buying a whole new outfit.

If you’ve purchased some plain tops, look for bold jewelry to pair with them. This will give your outfit more interest and allow you to wear it more often with different types of jewelry.

Take another look at your closet again. You may have some outfits that seemed just a tad too casual to wear to the office. But with some nice jewelry, you may be able to dress them up.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

It can be tempting to buy the cheapest clothes you can possibly find. However, that can end up costing you more in the long run.

Cheap clothes typically don’t stand up to the test of time. So not only will they wear out sooner, but then you’ll have to worry about finding more cheap, yet stylish, clothes to replace them.

Instead, we urge to consider quality over quantity. By choosing versatile clothing, salvaging what’s in your closet already, and updating your outfits with jewelry, you’ll get more wear out of your clothes and you won’t have to buy as many.

Instead, you can focus your money on buying quality clothing that will last you a while.

Know Where to Shop Online and In Person

A common question people have when they are starting to build their wardrobe is where to look. It’s easy enough to find expensive work clothes but finding affordable work clothes can be a challenge.

Well, the good news is that they are some great stores online and in-person where you can get trendy work clothes on a budget.

If you like the convenience of shopping online, we suggest you check out Weleda Outlet and Mod Cloth. Both offer affordable professional clothing, and they’re stylish too!

If you’re more of an in-person shopper, we suggest you check out your local department stores. They typically offer a large selection at a fair price. Plus, if you sign up for a membership or reward program, you can get even better deals!

Also, don’t forget to check out places like Target and H&M! They also have some affordable business attire.

Don’t Pay Full Price

If you’re strolling through a department store and see some nice clothes, don’t be so quick to buy them right away. Department stores offer sales all the time. If you find clothes that aren’t on sale, chances are they will go on sale soon.

If you’re dedicated to building your wardrobe, you can sign up for email alerts which will notify you when the store is having a sale. By simply monitoring the website and your email you can get the same clothes on sale, saving you tons of money.

Go Slowly

If you haven’t started your job just yet, take the time to scour sales and shop around. You could even set up a budget to help decide what you can afford.

Remember, you only need a few quality pieces. So, instead of buying a bunch of cheap professional clothes right away, take the time to analyze your closet and decide what items of clothing you actually need. Then, shop around until you find the right fit for your wardrobe.

This can be a bit trickier if you need clothes immediately, but it can be done. We suggest you look for your staples right away. Then, over time you can collect some statement pieces, jewelry, and fun patterned tops.

How to Find Affordable Work Clothes

Finding affordable work clothes on a budget can be quite the challenge, but it can be done.

You probably already have some great pieces hanging in your closet, so before you start shopping, we suggest you play around with your clothes and see what you can make appropriate for work. Then, take your time to look for quality clothes, shop the sales, and upgrade your outfits with jewelry.

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