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Understanding Short-Term and Temporary Health Insurance Plans

Are you struggling to understand our current health care system?

If all of the sudden you find yourself without health care, temporary health insurance might be the right option.

In this piece, we’ll be discussing who can benefit from short-term insurance, so let’s get started.

What is Temporary Health Insurance?

Short-term and temporary health insurance is designed to provide individuals with affordable health care when they’re in the middle of a life change.

It’s a type of safety net in case there’s a period of time when someone won’t be covered by their regular insurance.

This happens a lot to people who are in between jobs, just graduated college, or are not eligible for insurance from their employers right away.

These insurance plans can be obtained year-round because the Affordable Care Act doesn’t regulate them.

Short-term health plans are available in every state, although, some limit the coverage to 90 days to ensure it’s not a substitute to a long-term plan.

Is Short-Term Health Insurance Right for You?

Short-term insurance is not a permanent replacement for long-term health insurance. But if you need to fill in some health coverage gaps temporarily, this might be a perfect fit.

If you miss open enrollment or you weren’t able to apply for the Affordable Care Act, short-term insurance might be an option.

Families are also able to enroll in short-term insurance while they wait for other long-term benefits from the employer of the breadwinner.

It’s also a great option for those who are coming off their parent’s insurance and need some time to figure out a long-term plan.

Individuals who are preparing to make the switch to Medicare sign up for temporary insurance because it’s affordable.

Pros of Short-Term Insurance

There are in fact several pros to enrolling in a short-term plan. You’re able to buy these plans year-round because they don’t have an enrollment cut off.

You will also get approval fast. Most get approved within 24 hours, and the premiums are lower in comparison to other plans.

Also, these plans have the advantage of wider networks of hospitals and doctors to choose from.

Rev-ignition, for example, ensures health-care maintains an efficient system, and patients get a value for their money.

Cons of Short-Term Insurance

Short-term health plans also come with a set of cons. For starters, they won’t accept you if you suffer from a pre-existing condition. A person might still be able to get temporary insurance, but the pre-existing condition will not be covered.

They have limits in coverage such as maternity, preventative care, and some prescription drugs.

As the name suggests, it’s temporary, which means people have to reapply when the term is over and there’s no guarantee they will qualify again.

Is Temporary Health Insurance Right for You?

It’s important for people to have options when it comes to health care. People’s health depends on insurance companies staying innovative and providing other alternatives.

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