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10 Unusual Business Ideas That Generate Serious Cash

Have you always wanted to start your own business? Do you know that you have the drive and determination to be truly successful, but you’re not sure what you should be doing?

There are so many unusual business ideas and unorthodox ways to make some extra cash these days.

Fancy yourself as a bold entrepreneur with an amazing vision? Why not try one of these 10 unusual business ideas!

1. Hang Christmas Lights

You read that correctly. That’s a thing that someone else could pay you to do.

If you’ve ever hung lights outside on your house, front porch, trees, or in your bushes, you know that it’s not going to make anyone’s list of Favorite Holiday Traditions. Frankly, it’s a pain. It’s no wonder why some people leave their lights up for months after the holidays end!

If you don’t mind heights, using a ladder, or the frigid cold, hanging other people’s holiday lighting might just be the gig for you!

2. Scoop Some Poop

Yes, you really can make money doing the one thing that anyone who owns a dog (or walks their cat) hates: picking up poop. Becoming a human pooper scooper is a great way to earn some serious cash. When no one wants to do something, they’re usually willing to pay a premium for someone else to take care of it for them.

And that’s where you come in, friend.

3. Become a Professional Cuddler

Everyone needs some affection now and then, don’t they?

What a professional cuddler does is just that…they cuddle people. And if your clients are starved for physical affection, they’re likely to pay a significant fee for your time. Just be sure that you set boundaries with each new client, though, for both your safety and theirs.

4. Teach an Online Course

While the idea of offering an online course may not be particularly unique, the course you offer could literally be anything. From DIY tutorials on how to make festival headwear for Coachella to cooking, jewelry making, or makeup tutorials, there are courses online for anything and everything you can think of. If you know how to do something and feel comfortable that you could teach it to other people, you’ve got your online course.

All you need is a video recording device, an internet connection, and whatever tools you’d typically use to do the thing you’re going to teach other people to do. Seriously, what could be easier?

5. Make or Sell Mannequins

Believe it or not, there’s a market for them, too. Many retail stores need them for their stores and displays, and if you go into manufacturing them, you could help fill that need.

But what about all of the people that want to buy or rent a mannequin for other purposes? They’re out there. What they’re using the mannequins for, though, is beyond us.

6. Break into the Cannabis Market

Another one of our unusual business ideas is based on a unique industry: marijuana! There is a large number of opportunities for starting a business in the marijuana industry. Below are a few ideas if you’re looking to turn the legalization of mary-jane into a lucrative career:

  • Sell CBD paste and other topical CBD treatments
  • Start a marijuana dispensary
  • Bake and sell marijuana and CBD edibles

While this industry isn’t new…it’s definitely still very unique and provides a lot of great opportunities for making some serious cash. After all, there is a LOT of demand for all things pot-related.

7. Teach Other People How to Play Video Games

Bet you didn’t think that was an option, did you?

Some people want to learn all of the secrets to playing video games without doing it the old-fashioned way (read: trial and error, the way most of us learn things) and would instead prefer to pay someone else to show them what’s up.

Do you have extensive knowledge of a certain video game or games? There’s your next paycheck. You’re welcome.

8. Rent Chickens out to Other People

But you have to buy them first. And take care of them. Once you’ve figured out how to do that, though, it’s time to start renting them out!

“Why would anyone on earth want to rent a chicken?” You ask.

It’s not what you think. Sometimes, you just want to test it out and see whether you’d be able to run a farm or not. Or maybe you just want some eggs for whatever it costs to rent a chicken.

9. Start an Pet Cafe

Cat cafes are becoming more and more popular both in the United States and abroad in places like the UK and Japan, for example. You could continue the trend and start a cat cafe, or put your own unique spin on the idea and start a cafe with an entirely different animal theme!

For example, you could start one of the following:

  • A bunny cafe
  • A hedgehog cafe
  • A dog cafe
  • A goat cafe
  • A sheep cafe

It doesn’t always have to be raining cats. There are plenty of other cute animals people want to eat food with.

10. Start a Mobile Wedding Chapel

Because sometimes you just want to get married as quickly as possible. Everyone knows that eloping to Las Vegas is an option, but for couples who are homebodies, why not bring the wedding to them? You’ll need to know how to perform and be certified to officiate a wedding first, of course.

And there’s one other thing you don’t want to forget: a witness!

Try out One of These Unusual Business Ideas, or Come up with Your Own!

We’ve covered not one, but 10 unusual business ideas in this article. Maybe you found something that clicked with you, or maybe you didn’t. Either way, it’s OK with us.

You’re bound to come up with that million dollar idea eventually! It’s just not going to happen overnight, that’s for sure.

Want more tips on leaving your job to start your own business? Look no further than our website.

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