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5 Tech Systems that Can Streamline Operations at Your Store or Restaurant

You didn’t set up a business around your passion only to spend long days in front of accounting spreadsheets

You run a business you love but spend too much time on outdated and time-consuming systems. With the speed of the digital age, every day there are more small business solutions for those with a store or restaurant. Let us walk you through just a few.

Stop wasting time — get cracking on these life-simplifying tech systems, and get back to what you love!

Electronic Payments

Sick of bank runs for change, and tired of keeping a hawks eye on your cash-handling employees? You can easily minimize cash handling by using an electronic point of sale (POS) tech system.

There are restaurant POS systems that can monitor stock and automate re-ordering. Now that’s one of those life-simplifying tech solutions right there.

Digital Customer Feedback

Registering for an online review site is a great way to get feedback — free, and almost instantly — on the performance of your store or restaurant staff. This is one of many free, online tech systems to save money.

By learning what customers like, you can put your energy into that, and stop wasting your time doing things they don’t like or even notice. If you boost your online reputation, systems like this will also boost your earnings.

Electronic Bookkeeping

Free online bookkeeping systems are more popular every year. You can link it to your electronic payment system and have all incoming and outcoming money accounted for.

You might not be able to sack the accountant just yet, but you will save on their hours and make tax-time much easier.

A quick look online presents various options for online bookkeeping programs. Check the reviews and pay attention to what those with a store or restaurant business model similar to yours say about it.

Staff Communication

With one or two staff unwell, the Saturday morning sales-boom can end up in disaster, as potential customers give up on sales assistance, and leave your store empty-handed.

Many bosses tell us the problem starts with a lack of good communication in their staff team. If you find a communication app that your staff can create a group within, the whole team can quickly be made aware of absences and offer themselves for extra hours.

Tech Systems for Everything

There are tech solutions to monitor customer feedback, process payments electronically, automatically re-order, tidy up the books ad to keep your staff team in communication.

You can find file-sharing tech solutions, gaming apps for team-building, security tech solutions, ride-apps so you can shout your staff occasional paid work trips, and staff reward apps to keep the team motivated.

What are you waiting for? Time to tech-up, now!

Now that you know all the different ways tech solutions can improve your store or business, it’s time you put some of these to work.

We would love to hear what tech solutions are working in your store or restaurant — hit up the comment section below and let us know!

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