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5 Ways to Make a Maxi Dress Professional Enough For the Office

Casual Fridays and a generally more relaxed attitude about workplace fashion have widened the options for what to wear on the job. But where should you draw the line? It’s sometimes difficult to figure out what crosses the boundary from comfortable to inappropriate.

Maxi dresses can be a versatile, easy alternative to the traditional pencil skirts and wrap dresses usually worn in the office. However, some styles err on the side of being a bit too bohemian for employment environments.

Here are five easy-to-follow guidelines for wearing a maxi dress to work. You can rock this style while maintaining your professional demeanor if you just remember these few simple rules.

1. Skim the Ankles

Workwear should not be a distraction or a danger. If your flowing dress is catching on file cabinets and tripping you up in the cafeteria, it should not be worn to the office.

A classic maxi should skim the ankles, showing off a sleek pair of pumps or ankle straps. You should be able to move easily and not attract attention to any wardrobe malfunctions.

2. Keep It Simple

Many maxi dresses come in vibrant patterns and evoke exotic cultures from far off lands. Your long Vietnamese silk skirt may be an awesome reminder of your trip around the world, but it’s not necessarily the best attire for the job.

Stick with simple patterns or monochromatic colors. Classic pinstripes or tiny polka dots are always fashionable.

Here are a few terrific examples of classic black and white maxi dresses which are perfect for the office.

3. Add A Blazer

Often adding one carefully chosen piece can give an outfit an entirely new look.

You may have a great maxi dress which will work fabulously for that cocktail party you are attending after 5 pm, but is a bit too “evening wear” for during the day.

Throw on a classically tailored blazer for a professional look. It will keep you warm from the excessive-air conditioning common in most offices, and it will give your outfit a whole different spin.

4. Avoid the Gypsy Look

Peasant skirts are one of those trends that keep coming back into style because they are comfy and cover up a multitude of sins.

However, ruffles and ribbons are not exactly C suite material. Avoid looking like you donned your daughter’s pirate costume from Halloween and keep the gypsy look for the masquerade ball.

5. Include Sophisticated Accessories

Studies claim that the average female takes the equivalent of ten working days a year getting ready for work- or 27 minutes per day! Make your day easier by investing in some stylish accessories like necklaces, boots, scarves, and belts.

You will be surprised by how many ways you can dress up a simple maxi dress with carefully selected accessories.

Yes, You Can Wear A Maxi Dress at the Office!

If you are less concerned about how your legs look and whether your pantyhose has a run, you will be better able to focus on why you are at the office – to do your work!

There’s no reason a stylish maxi dress can’t be proper office wear, so long as it is neat, unobtrusive and professional. For more tips on navigating all of your challenges at work, check out our site.

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