Ask Your Boss: My Boss Called Me A Moron, and I Want to Quit. For the Third Time.

Hi, I have worked for a controversial retail company for 4 years. I moved up the ranks through this time and eventually made it to the highest rank in my district. I have put in my resignation notice two times before in the future, the most recent time was about a year and a half ago. Both times I was begged to stay and offered raises, being in my early twenties at the time I stayed even though my heart was telling me to move on. 

This past summer I had an audit at one of the locations I managed and a woman I work with, whom I would have considered a friend at the time, totally threw me under the bus for issues that were happening that I was already working on a solution for. My boss, the one that had begged me to stay in the past, went along with all of her claims and things got nasty and unprofessional, he even called me a moron. 

I felt totally emotionally destroyed after this happened, I cried for days, I could not believe this former “friend” would do this to me and I could not believe how cruel these people were acting. All of my years of hard work were just disregarded. My self confidence was really hurt and I didn’t know what to do for a while. How do I resign from this company now? I have resigned so many times in the past and I feel as though I will not be taken seriously, I am ready to move on.

Your boss called you a moron, huh? No matter how frustrated I have ever felt, no matter what words were rushing through my brain, I have never called any of my employees names (not that I did not want to). First, it is very unprofessional. Second, it is horribly demeaning. Third, it shows that you are a moron yourself. Fourth, it is putting you, as a boss, in a very vulnerable position.

By the way, you should consider filing verbal abuse or a bullying complaint with HR. In other words, you should consider filing a grievance against your boss. What an asshole!

I bet you are ready to quit. Who wouldn’t be in your position? I don’t see an issue with your previous two resignations. I, personally, know how difficult it is to recover after a big blow up in the office. I would not busy myself with concerns if your manager is taking you seriously or not. He called you a moron, remember? Who the hell cares at this point if he thinks you are trying to get yourself another raise?

Two questions concern me in your situation:

  1. Do you have another job lined-up? If the answer is “no,” it brings me to my second question
  2. Are you financially ready to walk out the door and never look back?

It seems to me that emotionally and mentally you are not just ready to quit, you can hardly wait. But what about your finances? The job market is not great, and it might take a long time to find another job. Do you have enough money saved so that you can sustain (and for a long time) your lifestyle while looking for a job?

You might need to consider staying for a while with your current employer. Just simply suck it up. I never recommend quitting for the sake of walking out the office, proudly facing the future and slamming the door behind you.

Finally, we have all had bad days, bad weeks, sometimes even bad months in the office. A very long time ago my former boss threw a cell phone at me. I don’t remember what I’d said that triggered his angry outburst. But I survived his fury. I ducked his cell phone.  And I stayed. For the next four years. When I was ready, I quit on my own terms.

Timing is everything. Consider it.

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