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How to Make Thousands of Dollars Selling Used Auto Parts

When first decide to go about selling your car, the first thought might be the faster, the better. Before you do, step back and take a good look at it. If its seen better days, beaten up or the rust has set in chances are the car won’t sell.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t money to be made. You can still go about selling car parts from your car. It’s a reliable way to get some money back especially if your car is a new make or model.

Here’s a quick guide to making thousands of dollars selling used auto parts.

How To Sell Your Car For Parts: Choose A Solid Online Site

Picking an online website with a large audience is a big deal. There are many ways to skin the cat of selling part of a car, but the internet is by far the best. It’s often an effortless experience and lot of potential buyers through it.

So make sure you pick an online site with a right community and a good amount of website traffic. Two of the best websites too are eBay and Craigslist for selling car parts. Both websites only take a small amount of you’re an overall sale and people looking for parts can find what they want very specifically.

Post Parts That Sell The Most

A lot of car parts and used truck beds can be sold for a good price, as long as its clean and in good working order. That said, you should look over you’re parts and figure out which ones you know will sell. For example, spark plugs probably won’t go for much or a transmission that’s seen a lot of miles.

Items such as HVAC controls, radio, CD dash, subwoofers/speakers or anything in a car that is easily replaceable. Some of these electronics can be in high demand, again because they’re easy to replace and people are always eyeing new CDs dashes or better speakers.

As for the mechanical parts of a car, tires tend to be popular as they’re expensive. Headlight/Brake-light also inserts good for reasonable prices and sell quickly. A mirror on a truck or car could market as well.

Parts That Should Be Tested

Test every part before you put it up for sale. After testing the components, throw out any parts that don’t past the test. If the tires are teeming with cracks, you have a CD dash that can’t play a CD anymore, a subwoofer that has a raspy sound when the bass hits surprise surprise people won’t want to buy them. Odds are, anyone who buys parts of a car from you wants them for their car.

You wouldn’t fix a broken part of your damaged car, am I right? If you try to sell a broken car part or worn out piece, you and buyer have better things to do. That said, how to sell a car for parts doesn’t mean all the pieces have to be brand new.

For example, tires with pretty good treads could still go for a reasonable price and so could headlights/brakes that aren’t fogged up. Even if the subwoofer is old but, still works could sell. Admit that its seen some miles and might wear out soon.

But don’t just be honest. Make sure potential buyers know the car part is tested and working well. They’ll need that feeling of security and set your car parts apart from the other sellers.

As for the advertisement, The eBay, Craigslist or any other website and should be as detailed and truthful as humanly possible. If the subwoofer sounds raspy, don’t lie and say it works like new. Your customer will be furious, demand his/her money back and ruin your reputation online.

Trust me; it won’t be worth it.

Take Quality Pictures

Ebay is an auction site. Which means all the bidding, selling, etc. is online. Unlike Craigslist, your potential buyer won’t get a chance to inspect the car part personally, making pictures that much more critical. The images need to sell car parts, but it also is about showing the piece as it is.

Your potential buyer needs to see the good and the bad. If the CD dash has a little scratch on the screen, don’t hide it when you take the picture. Buyers should know what they’re getting themselves into and photographs are the only way to do that through eBay.

This fact can destroy your chances of ever selling parts of a car on any website, whether that be Ebay, Craigslist, etc. But also, buyers
are more likely to purchase cars parts from postings with high-quality pictures and generate more traffic than the guy with a fuzzy spark plug.

Make Sure Your Prices Are Realistic

This fact should be obvious, but still worth mentioning. You need to price your car parts realistically. If you have a subwoofer that rasps and you attempt to sell it for a price that higher than a new one, you won’t sell it.

But while that subwoofer won’t sell for what you want, that doesn’t mean the rest of your car is a lost cause. The price has to match the condition of the car part and needs to take in the competition. If putting a buyout price on Ebay or something on Craigslist for an over the top rate, then you’re handing your customer to another seller with lower prices.

Selling Car Parts Is Hard

Finding out how to sell a car for parts and how to present them compellingly and honestly is challenging. Most people would instead sell their car and see where the chips fall. Kudos to you, for trying to turn those valuable car parts into cold hard cash.

You’ll probably make more in the long run because of it. For more information and how to buy used car parts the right way, check out this article.

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