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Helpful Activities for Team Building in the Workplace

Are you looking to increase the productivity or morale of your team? Do you want to make your customers happier? Or, maybe you want to encourage your employees to work together more.

Team building activities can inspire each of these outcomes, but you need to find the right ones for your workplace.

Here, we’ll give you a few ideas for some team building tips and helpful activities you can do to promote team building in the workplace.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Blind Drawing

To play this game, organize your group in teams of two. Have one team at a time sit back-to-back, and give one member of the team the word for an object. The person with the word will then describe what it is to their teammate – without using any words that give the object away.

Then, the second team member draws what the other describes – using only the description they were given and their imagination.

Blind drawing demonstrates whether or not teams of two people can communicate with one another effectively – and it’s just plain fun for the rest of the group to watch!

2. Art Jamming

Here’s another take on team building for the creative types out there: art jamming.

Art jamming is simple. All you need to do is find something that inspires you to draw – and then get to work on a design! The Fun Empire provides canvases, paints, brushes, and other necessary supplies.

All your team needs to bring with them is their creativity and a sense of fun. Participants will get their creative juices flowing (which often leads to productivity – yay!), bond with other team members, and nurture their patience as opposed to their perfectionism.

And let’s not forget: the art jamming atmosphere is a nonjudgmental one, so team members and other participants can feel free to create to their heart’s content.

3. Scavenger Hunt

We know what you’re thinking: we’re not in kindergarten anymore, why would I want to convince my team to participate in a scavenger hunt?

And that’s fair…but scavenger hunts are fun for all ages – not just children.

You see, scavenger hunts a great workplace team building activity. They foster teamwork, encourage teams to collaborate, and get participants thinking in new and creative ways they may not typically think.

All you need to do is break the group into a few teams and compile a list of objects they need to find using clues you provide.

Foster Team Building in the Workplace with These Activities

These three activities provide great ways to help you focus on team building in the workplace.

If you’re looking to make your customers happier too, start by making your employees happy – try one of these activities today! And better still – each one of them will inspire your team or group to start thinking about things more creatively, which will not only aid in making them more productive at work, but they’ll likely be happier too!

Looking for more great ideas to increase productivity in your workplace? First, think about the lighting in your office. Then, check out the rest of our blog for more!

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