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Want To Increase Productivity? Get Some Office Plants

You’ve got a big presentation coming up, and you need to start putting the pedal to the metal. But there are so many things to think about, that you have no idea how you’re going to concentrate. Well, have you ever thought of office plants?

This probably isn’t the first thing that crosses your mind. But you’d be surprised about the benefits of plants you had no idea about. Yep – they can help you with that presentation you’re dreading.

There’s a lot of things you can do to try to make your office a better place, but plants are a quick, cheap, easy and effective option.

Benefits of Office Plants

Sure, you knew plants look nice. But they can do so much more when you’re sitting at your cubicle, that you’re going to want to rush off to the nursery and get five or ten for yourself. And we guess you can share them with everyone else, too.

Stress Relief

The office is a stressful place. Whether it’s the routine of work, an upcoming project, or an important business meeting, sometimes the day-to-day can wear you down. Plants can help.

Spending time in nature is proven to reduce stress. Well, when you’re at work, you can necessarily spend time in nature unless you don’t actually work in an office. So you can bring the nature to you.

Why are plants important? By decorating your office with plants, you’re giving your body a natural cue that it’s time to ditch the stress, because you’re closer to the great outdoors.

If you’re particularly, extra-stressed, the smell of lavender has been linked to stress reduction. Try bringing in a lavender plant to your workplace and see how it makes you feel.

Breathe Easy

Plants improve the air quality wherever they’re placed, so why wouldn’t you have them in your office? They’re natural air fresheners through the process of photosynthesis.

Not only do plants release oxygen into the air, but they also help to clean up the air. Plants naturally absorb pollutants that you don’t want hanging out all over your office.

Bamboo palm, spider plant, English ivy and rubber fig are all especially good types to help absorb pollutants. You can breathe easier once you add any of these to your office.

Comfort Levels

People who work in a place highly associated with nature reported a 15% improvement in their feeling of overall wellbeing, and were 6% more productive. There’s probably no easier way to get a 6% increase in productivity than getting a plant.

Plants add moisture to the air, which can help to increase the humidity level and also to lower temperatures. The additions can help increase the feeling that someone’s in nature, and improve comfort overall.

They can also work as sound barriers, depending on the size of the plant. Bring in a nice big one to muffle all that noise that your coworker is making next to you when they bring in their huge bag of chips every day. Or get some privacy from Susan who’s always looking over your shoulder to see what you’re up to.


You know what’s boring? Your little cubicle with no decorations at all (or your office, you big shot).

One of the quickest ways to spruce up a super boring cubicle is to add some warmth and sunshine by throwing some plants into the mix. Cactus are easy to take care of and will make your workspace look super trendy. Not only that, the new look is bound to bring a smile to your face.

If your office is particularly sterile – white walls all around, guys? – then adding some nature is a sure step to making a more appealing workplace. Add some color to the halls by getting some nice green and flowery plants.

When you have visitors to the office, a nicely arranged and well-kept display of greenery is a perfect way to greet them. It also says, hey, look, we’re a natural and healthy environment. It helps to create a positive impression of your workplace.

Get Creative

In a workplace with plants enhancing the space, your creative juices are really going to get flowing.

In a workplace that included office plants, males generated 30% more ideas than a workplace that didn’t have any natural decorations.

The females in the study generated fewer ideas than the males, but they were able to create more flexible and creative solutions to problems.

The plants were also shown to create a happier workforce in general. And if you have a happy workforce, you have a more productive, more creative workforce.

Get Your Office Plant Now

Studies have literally scientifically proven that you should get a plant in your office space. You should probably get a ton of plants, at that. Maybe just work in a greenhouse.

If, unfortunately, you can’t actually work in a greenhouse, you can go to PLANTZ. They deliver palms and other plants right to your door.

Wait, palms, like big ‘ol palm trees? Yeah, they can do that no problem. They careful ship you a big green box of happiness, and do so carefully with a highly skilled packaging team to ensure the safety of your new plant.

They also list the size of the plant and give you tips on which plants would suit the area that you’re thinking of. This is important to ensure that when you finally get your plant, you’re not harming it by shoving it into a corner that’s actually too small.

Once you’ve got your plant, they’ve got beautiful decorative planters for you to choose from to make sure your office looks even better than you thought it could.

It could not be easier to get your office looking great. Improved workspace productivity is literally a click away when you go to PLANTZ and add some green to your space. A happier work is waiting.

More Productivity

So plants are going to increase your productivity. But if you can, why not get that engine revving even more?

We’ve got so many ideas for how to increase your productivity, it’s not even funny. Are you ready to get stuff done?

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