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How To Save Money For Prescriptions If Your Job Doesn’t Offer A Discount Plan

Prescription medication is expensive. Depending on your needs and how many prescribed drugs you need, it can be overwhelming. New drugs are always being introduced, but it doesn’t make them any cheaper.

There are ways to save money for prescriptions and still keep your healthcare on track. There is no reason you need to spend all your money each month just trying to keep your health in check.

Once you know where and how to get your medication for less, you will wonder why you waited so long. Here are some ways you can really save on your prescription drugs.

Ask Your Doctor and Pharmacist

Just a quick few questions for your medical care provider and your local pharmacist can open up several new avenues to cheaper medication. They often have other resources but don’t just offer them up. You have to ask.

Firstly, your doctor may be able to prescribe something else, that is less expensive and just as effective. They may be offering the most expensive as a deal with a drug company.

Your pharmacist may also be able to help you out. The smaller, independent shops may offer a cheaper deal for cash customers. In fact, your prescription may cost a lot less without your insurance card.

There are also other programs you may qualify for, for those on a strict or limited income. Ask about these different types of programs you may qualify for. There may also be manufacturers coupons and discounts available.

Go Generic

The best thing about the generic version of the brand name drugs is that they are basically the same thing. They are made with the same active ingredients so really, you are paying for the name only.

You can save a lot of money by going with the non-brand choices. Ask your doctor and your pharmacist if they have the generic brand. if the doctor doesn’t offer that in a prescription, ask for a different medication that is similar.

Go Online

You can find a lot of great prices for medications online. The online method can set up a delivery or you can go pick it up at the pharmacy yourself. They can offer a lot of discounts and deals for people who need to save money.

There could be an app you use to order or just a great website, like eDrugSearch, that has all your prescription needs at a huge discount. These sites are safe and easy to use.

You can also use the internet to compare prices from each store and pharmacy. The prices can really vary from shop to shop, so make sure you are getting the best deal you can.

Buy Bulk

Not only can you buy generic medications, but the bigger stores may offer a discount for buying a larger quantity. There is a good chance they offer lower prices already, you can get more for your money, and save time having to return more often.

Also, the price of the pill doesn’t increase with the dosage. You can get the dosage stronger and then divide the pills. Make sure the actual type of pill is available that you can easily cut in half.

Try getting a prescription for a longer period of time. This may cut the cost, even of the brand named medications, as you get a prescription for several months rather than just one.

Save Money on Prescriptions through your Insurance

Your insurance provider will have a list of medications that are covered, so make sure your doctor prescribes those. There may be certain stipulations and other benefits available from your insurance, so make sure you ask.

If your costs are high, you can get other types of insurance or subsidy programs that will help cut costs dramatically for your prescriptions. Always ask what types of discount programs are available to you.

Your insurance provider may have certain stores they like to do business with that offer a discount for patients filling their [rescriptions with them. This may save money if it is convenient for you to get to them.

Ask for Free Samples

Your doctor’s office has a lot of free samples. Ask if there are any that are suitable for your needs. You may be able to save a few weeks worth of medicines just by asking. There is likely a stockpile of free samples at your doctor’s office.

You can also contact the makers of the drugs themselves, and ask about discounts, coupons and free samples that may be on offer. These can be available for those on disability, retired or on a fixed income.

Ask about Alternatives

We talked about finding an alternative to the brand name, but depending on your medical issue, ask if there is an over the counter alternative. You may be able to find less expensive medications that are just as effective.

All medications have to follow the same recipe for the active ingredients, so why pay more for something you can get without a prescription? Even with a prescription, there is bound to be another non-brand name drug or something similar.

There may also be an alternative to taking the pill every day. Ask if you can take it every other day or take a higher dosage less often. Don’t do it unless you check with the person prescribing the medication.

Health First

Saving money is great, but don’t risk your health to do it. You can find alternative ways to paying full price for your medications, without rising your health and healing.

Find your own way to save money on prescriptions that won’t jeopardize your health. We all need to save money, so do your homework and you will be amazed at how much you may be overpaying.

Ask around, ask your healthcare providers and talk to your insurance company. if you don’t have any insurance, ask about subsidy programs and find as many ways to save money as you can.

When people are risking their health because they can’t afford the medicine they need, then that is a big problem. Read here for tips on earning more money from home.

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