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Hunting Industry Jobs: How to Make Money by Hunting

Around 17 million people go hunting every season in the United States. For most of these people, it’s just a recreational hobby. However, a special few have learned how to transform this hobby into real hunting industry jobs.

Becoming a professional hunter is a great way to leave the office life behind, and actually spend your time doing something you love.

Here are 3 ways to help you learn how to become a professional hunter.

1. Take on the Snakes

Southern Florida has a snake problem that it drastically wants to get rid of. As a result, a lucky few are now being paid to take on the pythons.

You’ll get paid $8.50 an hour, with the ability to earn bonuses on the length of the snake as well. For example, a snake over 4 feet long will earn you an extra $50.

This job available for the length of the summer. Last year, the state set aside $175,000 for the snake hunters. This year they are expected to do the same.

2. Build a Hunting Retreat

If you’ve got great hunting land that’s it’s more than enough to keep you hunting appetite sated, then this next option is right for you.

Get the most out of your land by building a hunting retreat on it. People across the states love to hunt. Unfortunately, some don’t live near good hunting grounds in their own areas.

That’s why hunting retreats were invented. People will pay to hunt on your land. All you have to do is provide some amenities. Just check out this site as an example.

The more services you offer, the more you can charge for the vacation. Your guest will thoroughly enjoy the limited stresses, and you’ll enjoy the easy money.

During the vacation, you can also go with hunting groups as a guide. This is an easy way to make money hunting.

3. Start Your Own Outdoor Show

While this next option is much more difficult, it’s not impossible. With the age of technology, we now have thousands of features right in our pockets.

If you want to start your own outdoor show, all you have to do is pull out your phone and start recording. Edit it well, add it to Youtube and start building your brand. Here are 4 ways to promote your video this year.

The more popular you get, the more likely you’ll be able to land a contract with a real televised station. Then it’s goodbye to work-related stress!

Find Hunting Industry Jobs Today

If you love hunting more than anything else in life, it’s time you looked into hunting industry jobs.

Forget about sitting in a cubicle doing mindless tasks day after day. Instead, make nature your office. Spend your meetings with the birds.

Here the only long-winded speeches you’ll have to endure are the ones that the wind plays as it rushes past the leaves.

Have a job in the hunting industry? We’d love to hear about it! Contact us with your job description and any advice you have for potential hunters.

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