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Video Marketing for Beginners: 4 Promotional Video Ideas to Try in 2018

In just a few years, video content is set to comprise more than 80% of traffic on the web. With more of your users stopping their browsing to watch short videos, you need to take advantage of the popularity of the moving image.

No matter what your promotional video ideas are, you need to be sure you stand out from the crowd.

When you’re working with your team on promotional videos, you need to think about what your customers need from you. To make sure that your clever ideas have a strong impact, follow these 4 marketing tips.

1. Have An Influencer Speak For You

The best way to get the word out about your products is to have someone who already has an audience speaking on your behalf. If you’ve noticed that there are people with hundreds of thousands of followers talking about your products, offer to send them some free items. In exchange, see if they’ll post a video for you.

Check out the most influential people in your industry. See who is following them and look for people who tend to get a lot of feedback on their posts. Reach out and see if they’d like to be featured using your products and services.

2. Make A Series

Rather than spending a huge budget to make a 30-second spot, why not try to make some clever, quick, snackable content? Few people want to sit through a regular length commercial just to see a YouTube video that could be less than 3 minutes long.

Creating three 10 second shorts that run along the same theme can have a larger impact than having one 30 second commercial. Find a couple of characters that fit the personality of your clientele and write some content as they react to your products and services.

3. Use “Stories”

Both Instagram and Facebook are now using “story” content where videos and images will only display for 24 hours or less. Take advantage of this newfound level of FOMO where people will watch an entire “story” arc to see what happens in the end.

Stories are great for having a flash sale, a last-minute promotion, or announcing a surprise appearance. Speak to a consultant and see what kinds of solutions they can recommend.

4. Have Customers Submit Their Own

Why jump through hoops trying to create the best content when you can have your clients do it for you? In exchange for a basket of promotional items and exclusive access, you can run a contest asking customers to show off your products in new environments.

This will build loyal localized customer bases and tell each customer’s entire audience that they’re a proud user of your products.

Promotional Video Ideas Require Timing

The best promotional video ideas can fall flat if they’re not timed correctly. If you want to ensure you hit gold with every promotion, be where your customers are. Figure out which social media or video sharing channel your audience relies on the most and focus on becoming a major presence on that site.

If you’ve got a board to impress with your video ideas before you can implement them, follow our guide to make sure your presentation goes off without a hitch.

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