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Job Interview Makeup: 7 Tips for Nailing the Right Look

Got anxiety for that next job interview? You’re not alone. In fact, 92% of adults in the U.S. are feeling the exact same way.

There are a lot of things you can’t control in the interview process. But one thing that you can is your look. And sometimes anxiety can make you go with choices that are a little more questionable.

As a woman in the workplace, there’s a fine line between looking underdone and completely over-doing it with your makeup. And nailing your job interview makeup can be a big part of making a great first impression.

Not sure what’s too much and what’s not enough? Don’t leave it until the morning of. Keep reading for our top 7 tips for the perfect job interview makeup to keep people focused on your smarts, not your looks.

1. Get The Perfect Match

Finding your perfect match for foundation and concealer can be really difficult. But it makes a big difference when you’re going for a natural look.

If you’re struggling with which shade is best for your skin tone, try going into your local beauty store. Most stores that sell foundation will give you a free consultation on which brand and shade works best for you.

You can decide how much coverage you need and what finish you like. As long as it looks like second skin, you’re moving in the right direction.

Set yourself up for success. Nailing your foundation will be huge for nailing your job interview makeup.

2. Keep It Natural

You may initially want to show off your incredible eyeshadow skills. But for your job interview, it’s best to stick to more natural shades.

Browns and nudes will be your best friends. They can even have a light sparkle to them. Make sure not to be too heavy-handed with your application and blend them well.

Just keep it simple so whomever you interview with sees you and not your eyeshadow.

3. Don’t Play Up Your Nervous Flush

Do you tend to blush when your nervous? Then stay away from that bright coral cheek tint.

But, blush is great for people who tend to look a little washed out. It adds a little life to your complexion.

If you know that you tend to get a little flushed when you’re nervous, don’t play it up any more. You may feel like you need blush for your interview makeup, but you’d be surprised at how much more natural you’ll look without it when you tend to go a little red.

Steering clear of the blush will help you with looking confident as you continue your new job hunt.

4. Take Care of Your Skin

One of the most important parts of a healthy glow is great skin.

This can be an investment, but it’s totally worth it. Take the time to start building your skincare routine. Have a moisturizer for day and one for night. Try different treatments like masks or even take a visit to a botox clinic for problem areas.

The most important thing is that you feel great. Your skin is your foundation. And keeping it healthy can only make you feel more confident no matter where you are.

5. Pencil It In

Keeping it natural is important. But don’t forget about creating definition, too.

Defining your eyes will make a key difference between a lounging look and your makeup for a job interview. But before you go crazy with your liquid liner, take a breath.

Try using a pencil liner in a neutral color like black or brown. A pencil liner is great for keeping a natural but done look because it creates definition but isn’t as harsh of a line.

You can even smudge it a little to keep your look soft.

6. Choose One Pop of Color

Feeling like super natural just isn’t you? Ok, we’ll throw you a bone.

You can get away with one pop of color in your job interview makeup. And the best place to put it is on your lips.

That’s right. You can have a bright lip. But remember to keep it on the classic side. Think of a bright red or pink. And steer clear of any super dark and intense colors.

Also keep in mind what kind of finish your go-to color has. Matte finishes are great for interviews because they stay put. A gloss has a beautiful look, but it can also end up on your teeth.

Try some different colors out and go with the one that makes you feel powerful and confident.

7. Define Your Brows

One of the best ways to frame your face is by having a strong and defined brow.

This doesn’t mean you need to completely draw them on. But keeping your brow hairs in place and defining the arch can accomplish a lot for your interview makeup.

If you’re feeling uneasy about how to keep your brows coifed and defined, there are plenty of resources out there for how to make a natural and strong brow.

Take the time to play with it before the day of your interview so you get it done like clockwork when it comes time.

Job Interview Makeup That Shows You

Your job interview makeup makes a big impression. But the most important part is that you feel strong and confident. Don’t let a crazy eyeshadow be what stands between you and your dream job.

Stay true to who you are, follow these 7 steps, and your hard work and smarts will be what shine.

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