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7 B2B Marketing Ideas You can Use to Grow Your Customer Base

B2B companies who partook in eCommerce in 2015 collectively generated almost 6 trillion dollars worth of revenue. That statistic sheds light on the fact that B2B represents a massive opportunity for companies.

Unfortunately, that massive market potential has inspired waves of competing companies in the B2B space across a variety of niches. The resulting market impaction has made it difficult for B2B companies to get noticed and generate a profit without having an excellent marketing strategy in place.

According to a 2018 study, only 39% of B2B organizations take their marketing efforts seriously.

That means, if you’re willing to invest time and effort into marketing, you can get ahead of the competition fast!

To help, our team has compiled this list of B2B marketing ideas you should consider.

1) Build an Excellent Website

This may seem like a no-brainer given that the vast majority of small businesses, B2B or otherwise, have a website already.

Just having a website isn’t enough to leave a positive impression on your audience though. You’ll want to make sure that your website exudes an aura of quality and professionalism that will leave a good taste in visitor’s mouths.

To get started moving in that direction, make sure your website’s interface is streamlined. Be sure all of you’re site’s components function across multiple platforms without errors and finally, ensure your contact information is prominently displayed.

2) Create Different Types of Valuable Content

A lot of B2B companies have a website that meticulously describes what they’re about and believe that’s all they need to net business. Newsflash, today’s online audience wants more than a description of your services before doing business with you. They want you to provide them with a taste of your value.

Providing free value to people online in order to win their business is a proven way to drive conversions. Examples of ways to provide value to prospective clients are by producing YouTube videos teaching skills related to your services, posting guides as blog posts, creating podcasts and more.

Bottom line, showcasing what you do through providing value and providing that value through multiple mediums will lead to more business.

3) Take SEO Seriously

Search engines like Google process over 3 billion searches every single day. Priming your content so Google can match searchers to your B2B web pages is essential to succeeding in today’s digital marketplace.

For the uninitiated, SEO means search engine optimization. That’s a fancy term that describes the act of tailoring your content to search queries people pop into Google.

To know what those search queries are, you’ll need to invoke help from keyword research tools. You can also work with an awesome digital marketing agency like the one you can view here.

However you choose to get into SEO, know that to succeed in the B2B space, you have to have some sort of SEO strategy in place.

4) Get Social

Being active on social media is a low-cost B2B marketing idea that could get you big time results. To be successful in the social space, you need to be both consistent and authentic.

Consistency comes in the way of selecting as many platforms that are relevant to your industry niche and posting regularly on those channels. Authenticity comes in the way of not just using social media channels to spam marketing messages. Instead of blatantly marketing, focus on providing consistent value to followers in formats unique to the platform you’re on.

5) Repurpose Your Content

Once you’ve created a piece of lead generating content for your B2B business, that content’s life cycle shouldn’t end with your initial posting. You should find ways to up-cycle that content to get more value out of it with minimal effort!

As an example, if you’ve created an awesome blog post, you could take that information and turn it into a great YouTube video or visa versa.

After all, creating content for your B2B marketing ideas takes time. To get the most out of that time, be sure to re-purpose your content in as many ways you can think of. The only rule is that your repurposed content should provide value to your audience.

6) Take Email Seriously

Perhaps the most important aspect of any marketing funnel is one’s mailing list. Your mailing list enables you to instantly have a targeted audience at your fingertips to share new content with and market new products to.

To build out your B2B mailing list, be sure that all content you publish has a call to action in it that requests that audiences opt-in. You can even offer a piece of content as a reward for joining your email list to further entice opt-ins.

7) Buy Ads

Ad buys are a surefire way to get traffic to your products and services. The downside of this traffic gaining method is that it can get costly with prices usually tallied per lead/per click.

Popular places to buy ads with are via Google’s Pay Per Click ads. You can also buy through social media channels like Facebook. These social media ads allow you to access highly targeted leads via their wealth of information on users.

Buying ads may not be among particularly original B2B marketing ideas, but it is one of the most effective in your marketing toolbox.

Wrapping Up B2B Marketing Ideas

There is tremendous opportunity in the B2B business space with trillions of dollars worth of revenue up for grabs every year. In order to cut through the clutter of your competitors, you’ll need to have a comprehensive marketing plan made up of excellent B2B marketing ideas in place.

Our recommendation is to start with the B2B marketing tips outlined above. Doing things like investing in ads, diversifying your organic marketing methods, and recycling your content can create consistent client funnels that will net you reliable B2B sales for years to come!

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