Make Extra Cash by Selling Old DVD’s, CDs, and Video Games!

While cleaning out my car, I found not one but two CD storage cases full of CD’s. Thumbing through them, I realized that I listened that I had totally forgotten about those CD’s, and yet I listen to most of them quite regularly. Every CD in both cases was already loaded either onto my phone or MP3 player, and the discs had been slid under the seats and completely forgotten about. And what was I supposed to do with them now?

Well, considering I had no real need for the discs themselves, I decided it was time to say goodbye to them. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a website online that offered to buy these CD’s. There are a few of these located online. Most of these sites offer a free shipping offer, and allow you to simply check each title to see if it is desired and what the payout for each would be.

As I was looking through the sites, I noticed that they also accepted DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, and even old video games. Like most people, I have a specific closet in the house filled with junk that I don’t really know what to do with. So I waded in, dug around, and happened upon some old video games from my college years, as well as several DVD’s that I had been given a Christmas that I watched once or twice and then shoved into a box. Then, I sorted through my collection of Blu-Ray discs and located several titles that I didn’t like, or my kids had since outgrown.

With an armload of various discs and games that I didn’t want and hadn’t used in years, I spent a few minutes on the website checking the titles. As I sorted through the offerings I had, I watched the total grow and grow. In the end, I was able to turn this forgotten about collection into a nice little unexpected payday! And I can assure you, no meal tastes as good, or trip is as fun as one that is paid for with no real work or effort. It was almost like finding a money tree in my junk closet!

So the end result was I finally cleared away some junk I was holding onto, and was able to take a quick trip with my family on the earnings. And best of all, I had only scratched the surface on my CD and movie collection!

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