3 Tips to Impress your Boss

There are times when every employee feels like their boss doesn’t respect them or appreciate the work that they do. It’s a typical situation and it can start as soon as you enter a workplace or it can happen after you’ve worked somewhere for a while. Bosses like to see their employees enthusiastic and excited about their work, and whilst you may enjoy your work, your boss might start think that you’re in a workplace rut. So whether you feel like your boss is apathetic to your work or they’ve started sighing when you come in the door, here are three quick tips to help you get back on their good side.

1.       Volunteer

Whether it’s making tea for the office or taking the lead on a massive project, volunteer to do things whenever you can. Your boss will see your initiative and it will you get you noticed as someone who is happy to work and wants to help out whenever they can.  Even if you feel like a project is too big for you, then ask your boss for help or suggest collaborating on the project together. This also gives you an excuse to get closer to your boss and impress them up close.

2.       Stay late, come in early

Working late and coming in early is a contentious issue for some workers. Arguably if you can get your work done in the day then it doesn’t seem necessary, but staying late maybe to double check what you’ve done that day or writing a to-do list of things you have to do tomorrow will make you look dedicated. This is especially pertinent if your boss stays late most days, don’t do it every day, but make sure a few days a week your boss sees you staying as late as he does. This may also lead to you having a one-on-one chat when no one else is in the office.

3.       Train, train, train

Become invaluable to your department, if you feel like you are weak on some areas of your work, let your boss know that you’d like to talk to other members of the team to learn more. Admitting weakness isn’t a bad thing because you’re showing that you want to improve on those areas. If at all possible, join professional organizations in your field or look into taking a City & Guilds apprenticeship so you have more actionable skills. Attend seminars and keep up with industry news, these small changes will show to your boss not only how committed you are to work but how much you can improved since you started working.

Impressing your boss can be as simple as putting some extra effort it, if you feel overwhelmed and maybe that is why your failing to live up to their standards, then tell them! Most people who run departments are exceptionally busy and don’t know what’s going on if you don’t tell them. Asking for help isn’t a bad thing, it means you recognise your limitations and want to do what’s best for yourself and the company.

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