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5 Easy Side Jobs to Make Extra Money After Work

Nearly 8 million people in the US hold more than one job. Whether it’s because they’re saving for college, a house, or a family, they could be trying to pile money for a big expense. For some people, they appreciate the flexibility of having side jobs.

Most millennials either have a side gig or know someone who does. As the job market gets redefined and student loans make life a little more precarious, people need some extra income.

If you’re looking into side jobs, check out these 5 options.

1. Ride Sharing

Most of the people who are driving for Via, Juno, or Lyft have a second job. This extra income stream is welcome to people who might need some extra cash on the weekends.

If you like driving and meeting new people, becoming a driver is easy. Get referred by a current driver and you might both be eligible for a bonus.

2. Online Gaming

There’s a surprising amount of money to be made with online gaming. Whether you’re good at online poker or first-person shooters, there is a market for any kind of gaming.

Competitive gaming is a way to make money without having to leave your house.

3. Dog Walking

If you don’t have a 9-5 or if you work from home, walking dogs is a great way to get a little exercise while breaking up your day. If you love pets, this is an especially good way to get the benefits without paying the costs.

Make a small business card and give your clients a referral discount. When they hook you up with a new client, hook them up with a free walk or two.

4. Baby Sitting

Finding childcare is difficult and expensive. It’s especially hard to find it last minute. If you work an atypical schedule or you’re more of a homebody, talk to your friends and neighbors about taking care of their kids.

If you have your own kids or childcare experience, this is a definite plus. Finding emergency childcare specialists is a rarity.

5. Handyperson

If you live in an apartment building, you might have built a community with other people in your building. You get to know each other’s issues, their families, and your common neighborhood gossip.

If your building doesn’t have an on-site superintendent, you should talk to your building manager. When people next door have an issue with their plumbing, you could be the one to fix it if you have the experience.

When small holes need to be patched and painted, you could take care of that in exchange for paying a lower rent.

Side Jobs Can Help During Emergencies

Having a very small bit of extra income can help during times of unemployment or transition. If you’re thinking about jumping careers, having something to back you up in the middle could make that jump easier. Side jobs are also a way to make money while you’re going to school.

If you suspect your commute is hurting your ability to get a side job, check out our guide for increasing your productivity with a better commute.

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