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5 Great Side Gigs That Can Earn You Money

Could you use a little bit more cash in your bank account? You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would complain about seeing their bank statement go up every month.

Even if your job pays well, a little extra doesn’t hurt. Here’s where side gigs come in.

An estimated 44 million Americans already have a part-time job on the side. Reasons for having one range from supplementing the income you already have to saving for a special occasion, like a dream vacation or a wedding.

No matter why you want to pick up a side hustle, we’ve got five great ideas to get you started. Keep reading!

1) Join The Ride Share Economy

Have you heard of ride sharing? Apps like Lyft and Uber have introduced this phrase into our everyday vocabulary. They’ve also changed how we think about getting around town.

Right now, the rideshare economy generates over $17 million in sales. You can get a slice of that pie by becoming a driver yourself.

2) Get Into Blogging

Got a hobby you’re passionate about? Know about something obscure and want to share it with the world? Do you love reviewing movies or books?

Blogging is perfect for you! It might seem the market is saturated with blogs, but if you practice great SEO and have unique content, you can express yourself and make money on the side, too.

Bonus: you can blog from the comfort of your own perfect home office and on your own time, all while wearing pajamas!

3) Sell Something

Have you ever looked around your place and wondered “What can I sell?”? You’d be surprised to find out there’s a lot of things in your home you can convert into cash.

Making money selling stuff you’ve already got laying around is one of the best side gigs out there.

You might have old clothes you never wear or collectibles still in boxes. Even scrap laying around the backyard could be worth something. Check out scrap metal prices and see how much you can get for old junk!

4) Private Tutoring

Some side hobbies, like playing the guitar or watercolor painting, might be perfect to turn into a side gig.

Consider teaching private classes on the side. You might even be able to do it online.

You never know – a side job teaching Spanish or how to cook Italian food could turn into a full-time thing!

5) Get Crafty

Another hobby that works well for side gigs? Crafting!

If you like to make jewelry or embroider inspiration phrases, you can set up your own website or work with a site like Etsy to sell your goods.

Bonus tip: lots of artists underestimate what they should charge. Make sure you’re not underselling yourself and you’re earning what you’re worth.

Start Your New Side Gigs Today!

Now that you’ve got a few side gigs to try out, you’re ready to rake in the cash!

What if you want to go from side hustle to full-time commitment? No worries!

Check out our blog for ideas on how to leave your job and follow your dreams!

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