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Top 4 Easiest Ways How to Save for a Vacation

With the number of unused vacation days that American workers leave on the table, they’re giving up nearly 60 billion dollars a year in benefits. For the mental health of everyone, it’s important that people take the time to relax and take a vacation. One of the biggest hurdles is that most people don’t know how to save for a vacation.

If you haven’t made time for a vacation yet because you don’t think you can afford it, try these 4 tricks.

1. Empty Your Pockets

One of the best ways to start saving money is to just empty out your pockets at the end of every day. Whatever change or cash you have below a certain threshold (maybe $20) should go into the vacation fund.

You could easily have enough for a plane ticket by the end of the month if you make yourself buy everything with cash. It’s a great way to keep track of your spending while also encouraging you to save for your vacation.

2. Start A No-Coffee Jar

Some people start every morning with a trip to their local coffee shop. Even if you’ll miss your barista, they’ll surely understand if you stop visiting them to save for your vacation. Tell them you’re taking a brief break so that you can afford your much-needed vacation.

Make your morning coffee at home or just wait until you get to work. Put a big jar by your coffee machine at home or on your desk at work. Every time you don’t buy a coffee, put a few dollars in to cover the cost of the coffee.

In just a few weeks, you might have a surprising amount of money.

3. Set Weekly Goals

Setting weekly goals can ensure that you’re always on track for being able to afford a comfortable trip. Since most domestic flights are just a few hundred and Airbnb has driven the cost of hotels down, you should be able to save for the trip in just a few weeks.

Make sure you have a goal number in mind. Without knowing how much the trip could cost you, you might not take the savings seriously. Updating on your progress could be annoying but it’s also essential to make sure you can afford your vacation.

4. Pack A Lunch

Start bringing a lunch to work every day to save money. Eat leftovers from the night before too. Cutting down on all the unnecessary expenditures isn’t just a great way to save for a trip. It’s a great way to inspire yourself to save and show the people around you how easy it is.

Don’t let your saving add to your work stress. If you don’t get a sandwich made one day, don’t freak out. Make up for it in another way

How To Save For A Vacation Is Different For Everyone

As you navigate learning how to save for a vacation, you’ll find that your style of saving isn’t like anyone else’s and that’s fine. While styles may vary, there is only one goal you should have: to be kicking your feet up after a long slog through a big project.

So long as you find creative ways to save for a vacation, you’ll be sipping Mai Tais in no time.

If you need help managing your work-life balance in general, check out our guide for more tips.

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