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5 Tips on How to Get over a Cold Fast

There’s no cure for the common cold.

In fact, talking about the ‘common cold’ isn’t the most accurate phrase anyway. There are over 200 viruses which cause the symptoms we commonly associate with a cold.

Now, the good news. If you’re wondering how to get over a cold, there are lots of tips which will help you recover quicker, no matter which specific virus is affecting you.

Here’s our top 5.

How to Get Over a Cold

There are several things you need to do to optimize your chances of a quick recovery. Let’s learn more.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is really important when you’re ill.

It helps to break down congestion and help your immune system deal with the virus.

Remember that coffee and other caffeinated drinks are diuretics – meaning that they make you pass more water than normal. This is counter-productive when you’re trying to stay hydrated.

Stick to water, small amounts of juice, and non-caffeinated tea.

2. Get Plenty of Rest

Too many people force themselves to work when they’ve got a bad cold. The result is an under-productive day, where you think more about your bedroom than the boardroom.

Stay at home and give your body time to recover.

The more you push yourself, the longer your recovery will take. The obvious solution is to not push yourself so hard!

3. Stay Warm

You need to let your body focus on fighting the virus. If it’s also focusing on keeping you warm, its resources are divided.

Wrap up with snug clothes, hide under a blanket and take it easy. Turn the heat on if you need to.

Heat from a bowl of soup or a cup of tea can also help to warm you up, and provide relief from sore throats and scratchy coughs.

Chicken noodle soup – as if we need to tell you – is also often heralded as the perfect way to keep warm while you’re ill.

4. Use Medicines

We wouldn’t endorse the use of too many medicines for most colds. That’s because they’ll be over in a few days whether or not you medicate.

However, relieving the symptoms can help you to feel better quicker. And using anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can help to control a high temperature, so it’s not just about pain relief.

5. Gargle Salt Water

It’s gross, but actually very effective at reducing the pain caused by a sore throat.

Doing this can help to reduce swelling and rawness of the throat. Try about 1/2 a teaspoon of salt in a cup of lukewarm water.

This is a symptom reliever, not a cure – but if it makes you feel better then it’s worth a shot!

Feeling Better?

Now you know how to get over a cold, we hope you’re already on the road to recovery.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind the next time you’re feeling under the weather, and minimize disruption to your life.

Keep reading our blog posts for more health advice to keep yourself on track.

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