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How Can Technology Improve Productivity? Here Are 3 Facts You Should Know

Do you ever feel you’re not as productive as you should be?

Everyone wants to be more efficient, more productive, and keep up with business trends. Technology can help you do all three of these things.

By using technology, you can increase productivity and free up time to do other things. What’s more, technology means you can work remotely and access data on demand. All of which means you can focus more on life outside of work.

So how do you use modern technology to be more productive?

Keep reading. You’re about to find out the answer to the question: How can technology improve productivity?

1. Outsourcing IT Frees up Employee Time

More and more businesses are choosing to increase productivity by outsourcing their IT services. Companies like New England Network Solutions eliminate the need to manage IT internally.

A business can choose which IT services to outsource. By doing this, it can concentrate on its core competencies. The IT service provider will also know the most current technology, making the business more efficient.

The result of all this? Employees are then free to do the job they were hired for and be more productive.

2. It Makes Collaboration Easier

Collaborating is an essential part of working life. However, that doesn’t mean workers need to be face to face to do it. Collaboration suites are a great example of technology increasing productivity.

Research shows that a whopping 15 percent of company time is spent of time is spent preparing for and attending meetings. Using collaboration software means a quick email or short chat replaces that potential lost time. It also works well for employees who may feel uncomfortable speaking up in larger settings.

Many of the options are free, like Slack for smaller teams or Google’s suite of products. The various options for communication mean employees can choose which method is most effective.

For higher security for sensitive data, a custom cloud solution can be instituted.

3. Technology Enables Working from Anywhere

That same cloud solution that you use for collaboration can be instituted for remote working. Cloud-based services are a cost-effective way that technology increases productivity.

Many companies are allowing offsite or remote work. Using technology, employees can work from anywhere. This is proven to increase productivity as they are more satisfied when they can work from where they want.

A company can enable this by investing in a VPN or virtual private network. Empowering workers to use their own devices also shows flexibility. Workers who are more familiar with their own phones, tablets, or computers work better and faster.

Another popular use of tech is video conferencing. This can eliminate the need for time-consuming business trips. No longer will a worker need to leave the office to have a productive meeting with a client or supplier.

How Can Technology Improve Productivity?

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