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Sales Team Motivation: 4 Tips to Motivate Your Team Members

Being a sales rep is a tough job. Salespeople will typically work 40-50 hours a week and often have to travel widely.

As a sales manager, keeping your team motivated is a vital part of your job. But when your sales team are working so hard, it’s not always easy.

There however some tried-and-tested techniques for how to motivate sales reps. Giving some of these a try may give your team just the motivation it needs to continue to achieve great sales.

So read on to discover 4 great tips for sales team motivation.

1. Set Targets

A sales rep wants to know that they are doing a good job. And they can’t do that without targets.

But sales reps come in all different shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s important that your targets come in different shapes and sizes too.

Try setting targets for the short, medium and long-term. Your short-term targets might be a week. You could even go as short as a single day if you really want to try and break someone out of a rut.

The medium-term target could be a week or a month. And long-term could be for a month, or even for the whole year.

The important thing is that your targets are realistic, achievable but most of all challenging. And remember that your targets don’t need to be the same for every rep.

2. Recognize Achievements

Achieving a target is rewarding. But having that achievement recognized can be far more rewarding.

This recognition can come in a variety of forms. Monetary rewards are the most obvious but your imagination is really the only limit. Try arranging a work dinner for when someone reaches a major target.

But instead of just taking the rep, take the whole team. That way everyone gets to be part of the success.

The recognition could even be something as simple as a badge of honor for reaching a target. Companies such as Best Name Badges can provide personalized badges that you can modify to whatever you want.

3. Gamification

As Mary Poppins once said, find the fun and snap! The job’s a game. Making sales team motivation into a game can both increase sales and can help to reduce stress.

Competitions are a great way to motivate a sales force. One idea that has proven successful is to set up a fantasy league for your sales reps, which each rep picking a team from their colleagues, and offering monthly and annual prizes. It’s a great way to get everybody invested in success.

And the more fun you can have, the more sales motivation your team is likely to have.

4. Give Rewards They Really Want

It’s no use having targets if the rewards aren’t actually worth winning.

Money is the most obvious reward, and it is successful for a reason. But there are plenty of other things you can offer. One tried-and-tested technique is to get your reps to choose their own rewards, within a specified budget.

That way you can be certain that your rep will be working towards earning something that they really want.

Sales Team Motivation Is the Key to Great Sales

Keeping sales team motivation high is the best way to get the maximum output from your sales team.

By following these tips you should find you have great sales. And you will also have a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

And we’ve got more great tips on how to boost productivity right here on the site. Why not take a look around?

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