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Don’t Set Your Wallet On Fire: How Quitting Smoking Gives You Extra Money

If you’re a smoker, listen up.

No, we’re not going to talk about the health risks of smoking. You’ve heard it all before.

But did you know that quitting smoking gives you extra money?

Maybe not bundles more. But enough to help you save up for that something special. Or pay down debts.

Keeping a bit more cash in your pocket could be the motivation you’ve been looking for. So, we’re outlining a few of ways you can improve your cash flow by not smoking.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Remember those health risks we aren’t going to talk about? Life and health insurance companies can’t stop talking about them. Assessing risk is their business.

No matter which company you deal with, they’ll tell you that smokers present a higher risk for claims. That’s why non-smokers have low insurance premiums compared to smokers of the same age, gender, and general health status.

Most often, you’ll qualify as a non-smoker after 12 months of steering clear of cigarettes.

Cost of Cigarettes

Looking for extra money in your wallet right away? Think about how much you’ll save every week by not buying cigarettes.

The cost of cigarettes varies by state and brand but the average for 2017 works out to be $7.83.

Let’s say you smoke 1-2 packs a week. When you quit, you could have $400-$800 more to your name during that year you’re waiting for lower insurance premiums. That amount could be even higher, depending on where you live and how much you smoke.

But what if you trade one habit for another? Some new non-smokers chew gum. But the average price of a pack of gum isn’t $7.83.

Some people take up vaping because it “feels” like smoking. But it’s less expensive.

For example, 120 ml of Mt Baker Vapor Rainbow Vape costs $20. Many heavy vapers say they use about 10ml of vape juice per week. That’s a far less expensive habit than smoking cigarettes.

Lower Alcohol Consumption

There’s growing scientific evidence to show that cigarettes smoking makes you more likely to drink alcohol.

Researchers have found that nicotine suppresses the flow of dopamine that’s triggered when you drink alcohol. Dopamine contributes to euphoric feelings and reduced stress. Without conscious thought, smokers often drink more alcohol to get the buzz that the release of dopamine gives.

The added benefit of being a newly minted non-smoker shouldn’t be overlooked either. It can improve your overall health and strengthen your resolve to stay cigarette-free.

Extra Money from Your Employer

Do you think your boss will give you extra money for not smoking? Probably not. At least not directly.

In many workplaces, smoke breaks are seen as time unproductive time. Like other time-activities at work, smoking can cause your manager to not think of you for promotions or merit raises.

And there’s another way that not smoking can help you get that better job and more money. Once the initial period of withdrawal from nicotine has passed, people tend to feel better after stopping smoking.

When you feel better, you’re more likely to be happy. Happy people are more productive. More productive employees tend to get the raises, bonuses, and promotions.

Now when you make a plan to quit smoking, decide what you’ll do with all your extra money!

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