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It’s True: Happy People At Work Are More Productive

What motivates you to be productive at work?

Conventional wisdom argues that a high salary and good benefits are all that’s required for productivity.

But is that really the case? Are money and benefits truly the forces that drive us to do our jobs well? Or is it something else?

Interestingly, studies show that happy people at work are more productive than unhappy workers. Read on to learn more about the link between happiness and workplace productivity.

What Does Research Show?

In the study cited above, researchers chose 700 office workers at random.

Half of them received “happiness shocks,” including comedy clips and free snacks and beverages. The other half were subject to “real-world shocks” and asked to discuss family problems and financial concerns.

The results?

Workers exposed to happiness shocks increased their productivity by 12%. In contrast, workers who discussed unhappy matters showed a 10% drop in productivity.

Another study found that your brain actually functions better when you feel happy. Research also shows that happy team members are better collaborators and more innovative.

What does all this happiness lead to?

  • More productivity
  • Less turnover
  • Bottom line benefits
  • Higher engagement
  • Better teamwork

Ways to Make Your Workplace Happier

Now that you know about the link between productivity and happy people at work, how can you ensure your staff feels happy?

Here are a few suggestions.

Flexible Schedules

The digital era is paving the way for the demise of the 9-to-5 workday. The ability to work remotely means your employees can enjoy a better work-life balance and more time with their families.

If you really want to be a forward thinker, consider instituting a shorter work week. That’s a sure way to create happy people at work!

Allow Creative Freedom

Wherever possible, allow your employees some creative freedom to personalize their workspace.

If they can control the layout and design of their work area, they’ll feel happier and be more productive.

Welcome Different Beliefs

Your employees should feel comfortable expressing their personal and religious beliefs at work.

You might also consider creating a calendar that features a wide range of religious holidays and celebrations.

Plan Team Bonding Activities

When’s the last time you planned a company picnic or retreat?

The sky’s the limit for potential team bonding activities, both in and out of the office. Get your team together for something other than work and watch their productivity soar.

Ways to Increase Your Personal Happiness at Work

What if you’re not the boss of the company? What are some ways you can improve your own feelings of satisfaction and happiness?

  • Keep a rewards jar on your desk and add to it regularly
  • Make a list of three things to be thankful for in your workplace
  • Invest in self-empowerment training such as The Avatar Course
  • Calm your mind and meditate for five minutes a day
  • Make a playlist of your favorite mood-boosting songs
  • Take a walk around the block and enjoy some fresh air
  • Help a co-worker with a task
  • Focus on your efforts instead of your accomplishments

Final Thoughts on Happy People at Work

The results are conclusive: Happy people at work are the most productive.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, try a few of these ideas to make your workplace a more productive one.

Interested in other ways to boost worker morale? Check out our recent post about bringing your workforce closer together.

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