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Why Feeling Unappreciated at Work Makes You Sick

The workplace is where most people spend the vast majority of their time. Accordingly, it’s important that employees feel like their work is appreciated and valued.

But a recent survey suggests that 2 in 3 employees received little or no recognition at all despite putting forth maximum effort.

Employees deserve to work in a happy, healthy work environment. And believe it or not, recognition is a pretty big part of the equation. After all, happy employees are productive employees.

Without proper recognition, employees will feel unmotivated, but they may even get sick. How is physical health linked to one’s workplace?

Read on to find out how feeling unappreciated at work could be making employees sick.

Posture And Motivation

The traditional 9-to-5 job requires a whole lot of sitting at a desk. And while that may sound like an ideal gig, the effect it takes on one’s body is less than desirable.

One’s attitude actually plays a pretty big role in how they present themselves. Take posture, for instance.

In short, an employee who feels underappreciated is more likely to slouch. It’s a physical reflection of their inner thoughts, almost.

What’s worse is that bad posture can worsen or increase the likelihood of depression. So next time an employee is caught slouching, don’t just tell them to straighten up.

Take a moment to brighten their day. It could improve morale and their overall view of the workplace.

Workplace Habits May Cause Obesity

Most people simply don’t get enough exercise through the day. And when coupled with an inactive workplace, it’s all too easy to pack on the pounds.

Feeling unappreciated at work may make an employee want to move less. Instead of having lunch with their co-workers, they may choose to stay at their desk instead.

Furthermore, when people get stressed, they tend to overeat. An unappreciated employee could be more likely to sneak some extra snacks in at work and eat their feelings.

Feeling Stressed Takes A Huge Toll

Feeling unappreciated at work isn’t just disheartening, it can be stressful. An employee may feel the need to stand out at his or her job and commit themselves to overworking.

Most people already tend to overwork themselves, staying late and working overtime. And while this may seem like a great, productive benefit, it’s actually quite harmful.

The extra stress added by feeling unappreciated at work could force workaholic employees to neglect their own health in favor of finishing one more report or responding to one more email.

Employee Recognition Is Easy

There are plenty of reasons why feeling unappreciated at work could be bad for employees. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Learn more about easy ways businesses can show their star employees some love. A little recognition goes a long way.

Final Words On Feeling Unappreciated At Work

No employee deserves to feel undervalued or like they’re just a cog in the machine. Make sure to recognize employees every now and again. Even a simple task like a trophy or office party can do wonders for workplace morale.

For more great content on how to navigate the workplace, keep checking out the What Your Boss Thinks blog. From how to avoid drama to raising productivity, you can be an employee that gets the recognition you deserve!

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