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How to Get Law Related Jobs Without Taking the Bar

Most people assume you need to become a lawyer by taking the bar to have a career in the legal field.

But there are many other law-related jobs out there that don’t require you to attended law school. You can have a career in the legal field without any of the student debt and time that goes into law school.

There are also many reasons to pursue a legal career. There has been an emergence of new technology, regulations and economic growth in the industry. This has resulted in many new opportunities in the legal field.

Let’s take a look at how to get law-related jobs without taking the bar.

1. Paralegals

Paralegals, one of the most common law-related positions, don’t require a law degree to work. These positions are also known as legal assistants or legal secretaries.

The thriving legal market means that attorneys at firms like DeSalvo Law are delegating work to paralegals. The increase in opportunities for paralegals is also driven by clients who are seeking to reduce the cost of legal services.

However, this doesn’t mean that paralegals are poorly paid. Due to the increased responsibilities given to paralegals, the compensation has also increased.

The job includes: legal interviews of witnesses and clients, legal and case research and preparing documents.

2. Litigation Support Professionals

The legal industry processes are becoming increasingly automated. This has resulted in many more opportunities for Litigation Support professionals.

There are many similarities between litigation support professionals and paralegals. However, the role requires more than just legal knowledge. You also need to have a good technical understanding of IT and computers.

They support attorneys with litigation management. They also assist with the preparation for a trial through the development of databases.

3. Legal Nurse Consultants

Legal nurse consultancy is one of the fastest growing careers right now. It combines the clinical role of a nurse with the expertise, knowledge and experience of legal nurse consulting.

The role of a legal nurse consultant includes advising attorneys on medical matters related to the law. The thriving health and medical industries make this a great career to get into.

4. Electronic Discovery Law Related Jobs

The growing industry of electronic discovery has seen a wide range of opportunities for tech-savvy legal careers.

Through the use of technology, these professionals discover and manage electronically stored information (ESI).

Technology continues to spread into all aspects of our lives. This makes a career in Electronic Discovery highly prosperous.

5. Private Mediators

Your legal skills could also be useful outside of the courtroom. Legal fees for companies and individuals alike have increased immensely.

Because of this, many people are seeking to solve disputes by other means. As a mediator, you can work to resolve these disputes before they need to go to court. This is known in the industry as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Do you want a law-related career? You don’t have to finish law school and take the bar. There are many alternative legal opportunities out there for law-related jobs.

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