Great Gifts for Your Office This Year

Finding gifts for your office can be hard as a manager.  Most offices are a diverse range of people, so getting something that works for everyone can be hard.  Plus, you need to be a little political when it comes to giving gifts in the office.  Here are some surefire ways to reward your employees for a year well done, and make them feel valued this holiday.

Give Gift Cards

One of the easiest things you can give your employees is a gift card to a store or restaurant.  This can allow your employees to buy whatever they want for Christmas.  If you don’t really know what store to get them a gift card to, you can always give them a Visa or American Express gift card, which they can use at any store like a credit card.  You can also get them a gift card to a store like, where you can buy just about anything in the world.

Tickets to a Show

Another really fun gift is to give them the gift of a show or concert.  There are a lot of sites like StubHub, where you can buy tickets to shows at great prices.  StubHub is a ticket marketplace, so it is other sellers selling tickets, not big companies.  The great thing about StubHub is that you can get gift certificates for it, so you can give those to your employees so that they can get tickets to whatever show they want.

Food Usually Works

One thing that usually works well is giving your employees food.  Whether you take them out to a nice meal yourself, or you get them a gift card to a nice restaurant, food goes a long way to showing gratitude for a job well done.  You can get restaurant gift cards at most major fine restaurants, or you could even send food to their homes, like a fruit basket or something similar.

Think Office Supplies

If you want to give something a little more personal, think about something they could use for the office.  Maybe you noticed that someone’s briefcase is a bit worn – you could get a nice new briefcase.  The same goes with giving planners, iPad cases, or other stationary items that they could use going forward.  This is not only thoughtful, but it is useful as well.

Create a “How Can I Recognize You” Form

If you’re still having trouble thinking about what to get for your team for Christmas, consider making a “How Can I Recognize You” form that every employee should fill out.  Include on it their favorite food, restaurants, shops, candy, etc.  The more info you have, the better.  Then, save these forms in a folder in your office, so when the time comes to get gifts for your team, you have an easy way to see what everyone wants and would be happy with.

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