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Why Choosing Verified Agents is Appreciated

The real estate agents play a pivotal role in property dealings across the country. Their role gains even more significance especially considering the high ticket values of all of these transactions. Having said this, the term agent has been widely misused with almost anyone taking up the profession with little or no knowledge of the sector. This has given rise to property dealers across every nook and corner and has been the stepping stone for huge number of realty frauds being committed in Gurgaon, Noida and across other regions of the country. Hence, it is important to choose a verified agent. Here are the other reasons highlighting the benefits of selecting the genuine broker –


Negates the chances of scam

Opting for a genuine agent greatly negates the chances of any cons associated with realty dealings. This is critical especially considering the point that dispute resolution in India is a lengthy process and may take several years to be resolved. Secondly, by the time the dispute is disposed-off / resolved, the value of the asset would have multiplied several times making the compensation look meagre and almost negligible. Not to mention, the stress, anxiety, fear and pain that one has to go through when dealing with court proceedings. With a trusted source, people are more or less secured and far off from such lengthy legal battles.

No fear of agent disappearing

If prospective customers are prudent enough to choose verified agents through credible online real estate portals like, they do not have to fear about their disappearance. This is because all information about the agent is readily available on Housing, India’s number one property website. The available data includes name, phone number, photo, company details, ownership pattern, years and areas of expertise along with details of all the assets.

Transactions are completely legal

The other advantage of selecting a verified agent is that they ensure the dealings are completely legal and there is no cash involved. Generally, property broker in Gurgaon and other parts of the country insist on 30% to 40% cash payment of the total sale value. This basically means that only 60% to 70% of the deal value will be reflected in the sale agreement. God forbid, if anything goes wrong, the buyer would have little option but to forfeit the cash component. This is because it will be extremely difficult for the buyer to prove the cash transaction and even if they are able to do so, they will come under the radar of income tax department for their efforts to squeeze off the tax. Hence, it is important to prudently select the right agent. The complete database with comprehensive list of property dealers is available exclusively on – world’s fastest growing realty platform.

Good dealer is more of a guide and help

Last but not the least, a good agent is more like a help who will guide the customer through each step of their home buying, selling or renting process. An ideal agent is also the one who is well versed with all laws and administrative procedure related to properties and is apt to deal with any challenging condition that may arise during the course of transaction.

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