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How To Deal With Chronic Stress Outside of Work

With stress levels at an all-time high, more Americans are feeling the impact of stress in their everyday lives.

As well as increased levels of anxiety and anger, 45 percent of people experience sleeplessness as a result of chronic stress.

This type of chronic stress is bad for our physical and mental health. But, when people don’t know how to deal with chronic stress, they often add to the problem by self-medicating with drugs or alcohol.

For 39 percent of people, workload is the main source of stress. And issues such as work-life balance and lack of job security add to the stress caused by our jobs.

Here are some healthier ways to reduce tension and manage stress outside of work:

Connect Your Mind and Body

To know how to deal with chronic stress, we need to recognize what is happening at a biopsychosocial level. As the name indicates, stress has three components – an internal element, an external one, and a third element that connects these two.

For this reason, mind-body practices such as Pilates, yoga, and breathing exercises are great ways to align your body and mind to deal with stress. Or, like these successful CEOs, you could try meditation.

These exercises help make you aware of the connection between your physical and mental state. As a result, they help you to relax, release stress, and feel rejuvenated.

Try devoting 10 minutes each morning to one of these mind-body exercises. Not only will it help you release tension, you’ll also feel better prepared to face the day ahead.

Take a Trip

A stressful job combined with living in a big city makes it difficult to escape from the pressures of our modern world.

A weekend break, or even a day trip, can be perfect to help you recharge your batteries and relax. And that’s especially true if your trip involves spending time in nature.

Americans spend around 93 percent of time indoors, often sedentary and connected to their phone. Spending time outside in nature leads to increased activity levels, a greater sense of well-being, and reduced stress levels.

Break up your routine by taking a trip somewhere, and stop the stress of your daily routine from breaking you.

Sexual Healing

While men and women report similar average stress levels, women are more likely to connect with other people to deal with stress.

And, although men often avoid sharing problems, reconnecting with your partner on a physical level helps to build intimacy, relax and release tension.

Or, if you’re single, why not combine your next trip away with some sexual healing by hiring an Amsterdam escort?

The physical release of sex is ideal for helping you switch off from your everyday life and reduce stress.

How to Deal with Chronic Stress

With chronic stress on the rise, it’s becoming more important for us to seek out healthy and effective ways to deal with it.

Try these methods to manage stress outside of work to improve your well-being and make you more productive as a result.

For more information on how to deal with chronic stress, contact us with any questions or comments.

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