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5 Promotional Activities for Your Camping Goods Store

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want, until you show it to them.” So said Steve Jobs. That’s what your promotional activities should be about.

If you have a camping goods store, then you need to know how to promote it. Start with these 5 promotional activities.

What Are promotional activities?

Promotional activities are communications that are designed to educate your customers to buy products from you. This communication can take many forms. As with all communication, it’s important to be clear and consistent in the communication if you don’t want mixed messages.

The following promotional activities can work individually or in combination. Ensure that they are consistent with each other for maximum effect.

1. Personal Sales

The personal selling by you and your people is the front line of promotional activities. Personal selling is not something anybody can just do.

Firstly, your people need to be clear about what is expected from them. You need to define how they should behave and what personal selling should be like in your store.

Train people so they know how to sell. They should be trained in the products and in how to best assist customers with their buying decisions. Do training on the key promotional messages, offers and activities.

Motivate your people to support the promotional activity by encouraging them and giving them feedback on how they can improve. Involve them in deciding what promotional activities to do. Perhaps they can choose a product each week to promote and measure the sales uplift.

2. Sales Promotion

Identifying products to promote. Consider the seasons, media activity, the profit and sales potential. Use certain products to create a positive feeling about value and quality.

It may be useful to publicise a price reduction on a key camping product and aim to recoup the reduced margin by increasing volumes. You should look to increase sales not just of the promoted product but also through associated sales.

3. Public Relations

In the local market, getting your community to know about your store is important. Participation in community activities is one way of doing this. This relationship building is public relations.

Support local school and business events by providing prizes or sponsorship. Be a responsible community member by helping with the charity, education, sports and arts events in the community. People appreciate that you are putting something back and won’t begrudge the publicity you get.

4. Vehicle Wraps

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America says a vehicle wrap can have up to 70,000 views a day depending on its location. This inexpensive method of promotion seems perfect for promoting events or simply your store in a specific local area. This is effectively a mobile billboard.

The vehicle options include local buses, your business van or even your own car. Include your logo, a punchy message, and your location or contact details. Visit 4WD Supercentre for offers for you.

5. Display

Use displays of products to full effect. People need to see some of the products you sell, out of their packaging. Be creative and use color, packaging, and point of sale display materials to draw attention to the product and offer.

Be bold about price communication if you have a good price to promote. Your customers will want to know about bargains.

Sell, Sell, Sell

With these tips and your enthusiasm, you can implement effective promotion activity that turns on sales. Keep it consistent and you can build those sales into a sustainable business.

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