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How to Select the Best Employee Health Insurance Plan For Your Small Business

With the average American paying more than $1,300 a year on healthcare, up from less than half of that a decade ago, employees rely on plans from their employer. If you’re not offering your employees a good plan, you’re not thinking competitively. In order to win dedicated employees, you need to have a strong employee health insurance plan.

Here are 3 features that it’s got to have.

1. Make Sure There’s Family Coverage

When you provide for the families of your employees, you show them that you care about their life outside of work and the health of their families. Someone who is at work but distracted about the well being of their family won’t be very productive. An employer who doesn’t extend benefits to spouses and children just isn’t thinking about how to be competitive.

Many good employees would gladly work for less if they could get benefits for their loved ones. Providing basic care for them tells your employees that their families matter and that you’re a cut above other employers. You’ll win their loyalty and be rewarded by years of dedicated service.

If you have older employees, compare Medicare supplement plans before you come to a final decision.

2. Offer Dental and Vision

One of the most overlooked aspects of health care plans is whether or not they offer dental and vision plans. Since dental health is intimately tied to other elements of physical health, it’s essential that you offer dental care. Healthy teeth can mean a healthy heart and overall a healthy lifestyle.

Vision is also important to offer employees. Even a basic plan will ensure that every employee and their children get regular checkups. Rather than worrying about the cost of glasses while they’re at work, they can rest assured knowing that they won’t have to pay out of pocket for these things.

Some plans are now including comprehensive prescription plans that cover everything from viagra to CBD supplements.

3. Take on Incentives

Some plans will allow you to lower your overall costs if you also offer certain features to your employees. Offering everyone a step counter that attaches to their keychain could encourage more activity and competition among your employees.

If you offer healthy or activity related prizes at the end of each cycle, you could prompt more employee participation.

Offering flu shots to your employees one week out of the year and a basic health fair can also lower your costs. Even if your insurance company doesn’t have a write off for this, even offering these services might get your employees to live healthily.

Give discounts and coupons for healthy lunch options in your area.

Your Employee Health Insurance Plan Should Be Affordable

When you choose an employee health insurance structure, there needs to be some flexibility. It can’t be mandatory, because if one person’s spouse offers better benefits, they should be able to opt out. However, you need a high volume of people involved just to ensure that the price stays low.

Along with your health insurance plan, make sure you share comprehensive guides for lowering stress and relaxing your employees throughout tough projects.

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