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How to Design the Perfect Custom Banners

The first impression is everything. It’s as true in relationships as it is in business. How people see you and your brand can determine whether or not anyone buys anything from your business. Your custom banner is your business’ first impression. The pressure’s on when you go about designing a high-quality custom banner because if it sucks, your target market could reject you before they even take one step into your business. So a high-quality custom banner with the right design can make all the difference for your business. Not…

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How to Use the Sales Funnel for Your Professional Plumbing Business

You can’t move an inch online without bumping into the concept of sales funnels. You’ve probably wondered if they have any relevance for a professional plumbing business. Surely you only get customers when something goes wrong? Look at Black Friday. Plumbers get 50 percent more calls than they usually do on Fridays. It doesn’t have to be like that. Read on for our guide to setting up a sales funnel to improve your sales. Identify the Main Elements of the Sales Funnel Sales funnels work by capturing the interest of…

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