I am Offering Resume Review Services

Let’s admit it, not everyone is capable of composing a resume that adequately highlights their abilities.The candidate who lands an interview is usually the one who has the most impressive resume.

I can help you to create a well-crafted resume that fits your skills, experience and background. A professionally looking resume that presents your actual skills can dramatically increase your resume response rate. After all, I know what employers are looking for in resumes.

Beware: I am not going to write your resume for you. I will teach you how to write a resume that highlights your skills, talents, and experience. I will point out your weak areas, and will help you to convert them into your strengths.

During my career I have reviewed hundreds of resumes. I chose whom to interview solely on the information presented in these resumes.

You might ask me what about a cover letter? As a manager I usually skip over the cover letter and head right into the resume. I don’t have time for a cover letter.

How my resume review process works:

You will tell me what job you are applying for. If you can send me a job announcement, it would help us both greatly. If not, let me know what type of jobs you will be applying (administrative, banking, clerical, student, executive or federal), what field or industry.

– Tell me if you are looking for a career advancement or a career change. Note: These are two different things.

Email me your resume. You can delete your name, address and other personal stuff.

Give me a day or two to review it.

Give me another day or two to edit it, make notes and suggestions.

Sometime in a four-five day period you will get my personalized recommendations.

You can follow up with me for up-to seven days.

– I like to have a lot of interaction with my clients. Mostly by email. Be prepared to get lots of emails and questions from me while I am analyzing your resume.

Price: $175 ( as a bonus I will review your cover letter and a personal statement, if you have one.)

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you an interview after I review your resume. I cannot guarantee you that you will get hired. But after my resume review services, you will have a job-winning resume that makes a powerful first impression. I will open the door for you. The rest is up-to you.

Ready to start working on your resume?

Email me at [email protected]

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