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Inspirational Home Office Design That Will Help You Stay Productive

Did you know that the design and overall look of your office can affect your productivity?

That’s right, according to scientists, the ‘scenic quality’ of an office environment can make or break your performance and concentration at work.

With this in mind, it may be time to revamp your home office. As a productive space, it needs to exude a sleek professionalism that will keep you on the ball when there’s work to be done.

Need some ideas? Read on for some inspirational office design tips and advice.

Get Rid of Any Clutter

Inspirational office design begins in a clutter-free space. While in some instances, clutter can aid with creativity. However, a clear workspace makes for a clear mind when it comes to getting work done quickly and efficiently.

Spend some time before you get to work making sure everything is where it should be. Papers are filed away, pens and pencils are in their rightful place, and any other potential distractions are out of sight.

To make the process easier, tidy up after yourself after every work session, too.

Be aware, that working from home can prove to be the greatest distraction of all. Everything has the potential to be distracting because you associate relaxing and going about your daily life with your home.

Ensure your entire home is clean and clutter free when you’re working from home.

You don’t want to leave your office for a hot drink only to find yourself wiping the kitchen counters clean for 20 minutes when you could have been working.

Feng Shui Your Office

Feng shui has a myriad of benefits if you decide to implement it in your daily life.

We recommend you feng shui your office to reap the positive effects it can have on your productivity. Want to know more? Why not check out our guide on how to feng shui your office for some inspirational office design ideas?

Adding Greenery for Productivity

It’s been scientifically proven that greenery and flowers in an office space can improve overall mental wellbeing and productivity.

Plants and flowers in your living space will not only boost your concentration and productivity but add a pop of color to an otherwise dull workspace.

Hanging plants with tumbling leaves and vines can look really beautiful when hung from a hook on the ceiling. Terrariums with fun colored pebbles and different layers of soil can add a fun look to any office.

You can get creative with them too by adding a mixture of cacti and succulents which are great low-maintenance plants that can be kept alive by even the worst of gardeners or plant parents.

They require minimal watering and attention and make a cute addition to any office space. Plant hangers and colorful, patterned vases and containers are great for breathing life into a plain office.

Go the DIY route if that’s your thing and be creative with it!

Eye-Catching Yet Practical Storage

Storage and organizational tools don’t have to be boring. To inject some more color into your office, go for bold and distinctive colored storage boxes and folders so you know what’s where from the color code.

Invest in sturdy yet stylish cabinets and shelves to store any books, plants, or larger office materials.

When it comes to office cabinets, RTA Depot has got you covered, so be sure to check out their varied yet functional cabinets for all your storage needs.

Spruce Up Your Notice Board

If it helps you get organized, why not revamp the design of your notice board? Paint the edges to match your office color scheme.

If you’re a more creative person, you could have one notice board strictly for organization, and another as a mood board for more inspirational office design.

You can use it to give you ideas when you need it or to boost your mood and motivation when you’re feeling low.

Whether you go for a mood board or decide not to separate the two, make sure you have positive imagery displayed in your office space.

Put up photos of the ones you love, print out inspirational quotes and images that stimulate your imagination.

Good Lighting

A brighter, lighter office space and help you feel more focused than if you’re sat in a dark and dim room. Good lighting has the ability to really open up a space.

Get light colored curtains or blinds, and make sure your home office has a window so you can get some much needed fresh air and view to look out on.

If you don’t have a window – don’t panic! Make funky lamps and lampshades part of your inspirational office design. Bubbles, waves, and lights of soft white hues can really modernize your office.

Scent-sationalize Your Space

Embrace your sense of smell, and find a way to work it into your design. Different smells have different effects. If you’re having a particularly stressful workday, gravitate towards milder lavender and jasmine scents.

Invest in scented candles, incense, and diffusers and display them alongside inspirational flashcards, or objects that help you get concentrated or calm you down.

Having stress management activities and motivational tools alongside a scented candle or diffuser will help your mind make a link between the two.

If you’re too lethargic and need a boost, go for more citrusy scents or minty scents, as they’re more invigorating and help to boost your energy and productivity.

Implement Your Inspirational Office Design Today!

The science behind the perfect office space is complex.

However, if you follow some of our inspirational office design tips listed above, you’ll be able to create your ideal home office in no time.

For more office productivity tips, and advice on how to improve your workplace experience, check out our Work Life section and browse of our site today.

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