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Feng Shui Office Desk Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Space

For the last 15 years, more American offices have been encouraging new interior design tactics to improve morale and productivity. One of the easiest and most time-tested ways to improve your space is through a feng shui office desk set up.

Feng shui is a Chinese theory of three-dimensional space and energy, wherein physical objects are arranged in a way conducive to energy flow.

There are certain compass directions that correlate to parts of human experience, like wealth or love. The inability for energy to move through those areas will mean it will be more difficult for you to access them.

You can have your own feng shui office desk situation with just a few simple changes to your setup. Here are some of the benefits that free-flowing energy could bring you while you work.

1. Wealth And Prosperity

Looking at your workspace, your back left corner is the portion that will represent prosperity and wealth. Activate this space in order to ensure you achieve wealth in great abundance.

Put something here that grows. A small plant or something that grows would look great here. Otherwise, a valuable item or a jar of coins would do just fine. You could even put your computer in this corner, as it has great value.

Success is as much of a kind of science as it is an art of attraction. Wealth will attract wealth, so treat this corner as a place to cultivate the prosperity you want to see in coming years.

2. Fame and Reputation

If you want to create a substantial place for yourself in your company, focus on the center rear of the desk. This is a great place for your well-designed business cards or for a small nameplate.

When you have people encounter your desk, this is the place they will focus on. This section should project the quality of your work and accomplishments without too much bravado.

Help inspire others and yourself with a motivational image that shows you with your idol or at the finish line of a marathon.

3. Love and Relationships

The back right corner is where you should focus your energy on love now and into the future. Here’s where you should keep sentimental items or a symbol of your love here. Put a photo of your partner here to keep that connection strong.

If you’re single, you can spark romance in this space with another plant or a fresh flower. People will associate your energy with that open and loving feeling you get from a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Make this place spacious and welcoming.

4. Family

It seems like everyone has a photo of their family on their desk, but in keeping with your feng shui office desk arrangement, put yours on the left center. Whether it’s you with the family pets, with your parents, or with your partner and kids, this is where that energy should be focused.

Remember not to overcrowd your desk. Only pick one small photo or one small memento to leave yourself some space. If your kids got together to make you a pen holder, this is the perfect spot for it.

Frames and gifts made out of wood fit nicely here.

5. Health

While it’s well known that spending your days stuck in an office chair is bad for your health, you can try to engage the energy of the space while you’re there. The center area of your desk needs to stay open to attract this good energy.

Your feng shui office desk set up should be spacious, and there’s nothing better for your mental health than a desk free of clutter. Why not imagine that it’s good for your physical health as well?

Take breaks throughout your work day to give yourself space to reflect. When you return to this open space, you’ll be much more relaxed.

6. Creativity

Your creative inspiration will begin at the right center of your desk, near your love and relationships. This is where you should keep your notebook for writing down ideas.

If you have some kind of object you like, such as a Rubix cube that you fidget with while you think, this is where it should live. If you’re an artist, a sketchbook would be perfect. Metal objects are good in this spot as well.

It’s open to interpretation, like anything creative.

7. Wisdom

If you need some direction or struggle with something new, this is where you should place something referential. If you get inspiration from quotes, place your quote book here.

If Neil DeGrasse-Tyson is your hero, why not place a photo that you took at his book signing here. This is a good place for a dictionary for writers.

8. Career

Center front is where your career aspirations will spring from. Affirmations and motivational quotes should go here to keep you inspired.

Keep the clutter out of this spot. When you’re putting together your feng shui office desk arrangement, think about what you need to put here to keep yourself going on a daily basis.

If you have a goal for the end of the year, put it here so that you see it every day.

9. Travel and Assistance

Everyone needs to have a network to rely on. Your Rolodex or just a memento from a fun trip with your best friend should go in the front right area.

This area also represents travel. If you’ve been around the world or are looking to go someplace soon, put a photo of that locale here. If you’re not sure where you’d want to go, this would be a great spot for a globe.

Feng Shui Office Desk Arrangements Crave Simplicity

You can easily get carried away thinking about which objects are most meaningful to you on your desk. Remember that the most important things aren’t necessarily the objects but the space between them. Keep your desk open and airy for best results.

If you’re ready to get the energy at your desk flowing, contact us for more tips.

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