How to Make Remote Hires Feel Welcome in Your Organization

Establishing a remote hire on boarding process is critical to smoothly integrating your remote hires into your organisation.

Starting a new job is often a tense situation. Many people tend to feel heightened levels of fear and anxiety because they don’t know what to expect. Emotions have a tendency to become amplified when employees are working remotely.

Implementing a standard remote employee on boarding process will provide better control during this experience. By running through your onboarding checklist, and implementing each process along the way, your new hire will transition to their new position easily and enjoyably.

Do you have an employee on boarding process in place? If not, feel free to use our powerful, inclusive checklist.

Checklist for Employee Onboarding

This list is perfect for employees of all types. It works well whether you’re onboarding a full-time employee or a remote worker. The key elements of the checklist include:

  •        Team Introductions
  •        Organization Overview
  •        Providing Information About Available Resources
  •        Discussing Expectations
  •        Feedback Opportunity

Let’s take a look at each process in greater detail.

Team Introductions

In a traditional office setting, new employees are typically integrated into their position while being organically introduced to other employees. When you work in an office environment, there are many opportunities to meet people. You’ll bump into them at the water cooler. You’ll run into new people on your way to and from the bathroom. And you’ll chat with one another before and after conferences. Remote employees do not have this luxury. When it comes to remote workers, the best way to introduce them to the team is to start an email chain. Send out an email to the staff introducing the new hire. And if you have an opportunity, maybe even set up a video chat amongst employees if the timing is right.

Organization Overview

This step of the process is fairly simple and straightforward. It’s all about getting new hires acquainted with their new organization.

Teach new hires about unique company practices and the overall culture. Let them know how things go in the company. Every organization has its own unique quirks and yours is no different. Fill your remote employee in on the specifics.

Providing Information about Available Resources

Remote employees need to know about the resources available for them to use in order to hit the ground running and get off to a great start. And fill your new hires in on what they need to do and where they need to go if they require additional support.

During the orientation process, fill them in on the following:

  •        Provide information about employee timesheet software – remote employees have to clock in and out just like everyone else. Teach them how to use your online time tracking software.
  •        Tell them who to talk to if they have questions.
  •        Fill them in on where to go if they need help with workplace issues that include discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.
  •        Teach them about the company (tell them what the company does and more).
  •        Talk about financial issues.
  •        Tell them about the vacation policy.
  •        Fill them in on company perks.
  •        Tell them what to do if they get sick.
  •        And much more.

Discussing Expectations

Do you expect specific results from your new remote hires? Let them know your expectations right from the get-go. And on the other side of the coin, ask your new hire if he or she has specific expectations from the company. Be open, honest, and upfront from the beginning during this transitional phase.

Feedback Opportunity

Getting feedback is the best way to improve. Ask your new remote hire about their employee onboarding experience. One simple way to do this is to create an online survey. Have the new employee fill out the survey anonymously and tell them to be truthful in their responses.


Employee onboarding doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Follow the checklist and make your next new hire feel comfortable and ready to take on the world as soon as they enter your organization.

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