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Positive Workplace Culture: 5 Incredible Benefits of Team Building

It’s hard not to groan when you’re human resources department announces the next team outing but there are many benefits of team building.

However, creative team building events are that are well-organized make for a fun and memorable day out with your coworkers.

At the end of the day, you have to spend 40 hours a week with your colleagues. Wouldn’t you prefer to do some activities and find common ground with your colleagues beyond what goes on in the office? And, you never know, it may lead to a few laughs and maybe even some new friendships.

Before you roll your eyes and sigh the next time your team has an afternoon of team building exercises planned, read on and learn about the many benefits of team building.

What Are Team Building Activities?

The key to successful team building workshops is that they are designed to be fun with an emphasis on teamwork.

WITS Team Building will put together a fun session of activities, games, and exercises together for you and your colleagues.

The Benefits of Team Building

As a business, the decision to lose out on a full or half day’s worth of work from your staff is a big one. The important thing to remember though is that the benefits of cohesiveness among colleagues far surpasses the cost of a few hours away from the office.

The benefits of team building are enjoyed but not just the company’s bottom line, but by the employees themselves as well.

1. It Encourages Creative Thinking

Often times, these activities pit teams against each other in a series of comical albeit strategic objectives. Whether the goal is building a device that keeps an egg from breaking when you drop it off or a table, or seeing who can build the tallest tower out of marshmallows, the teams need to get creative with their solutions.

2. Everyone Gets a Burst of Energy

Let’s face it, work can get a little boring at times. When you’ve been doing the same job and working with the same people every day for years, it’s easy to feel lethargic at the office.

Icebreaker games or silly competitions get people feeling energized and helps them break free of their daily rut.

3. They Bond As a Team

When you have fun with your colleagues, you’re more likely to see them as a friend, or at least ally. When this happens, you not only gain respect for the people you work with, you also want to see them succeed.

4. Employees Gain Confidence

The office can be a competitive and at times, a threatening place. While competition is an important driving factor in the business world, it’s important to remember that not everyone performs best in this environment.

By gaining confidence through team building tasks, your employees will have more confidence when they’re at work as well.

5. It Creates A Sense of Community

One of the first things we do when we meet new people in a social setting is to find out things we have in common. It’s one of the reasons television shows are a popular conversation topic!

People are less likely to have these conversations at work since they don’t want to appear like they’re wasting time. However, just like with group projects at school, during team building activities, they will start to chat about their other interests.

Start Planning Your Next Team Building Exercise Now!

Talk to your boss about the benefits of team building and start planning your next team outing.

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