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8 Unconventional Design Tips for Creative Office Spaces

Looking for the best tips for designing creative office spaces?

Ready to create an amazing office that employees will love?

These days, there are all kinds of different office designs out there. These designs aren’t used only to look great but can also serve to boost productivity, help your business stand out, and make sure that employees enjoy coming into the office every day.

Below we’ll look at the best and most unconventional design tips that can make your office stand apart from the crowd.

1. Make Use of Break-Out Spaces

Creating some “break-out spaces” is one of the best ways to have an interesting and unconventional office space. A few small spaces throughout your office that have comfortable seating and tables can be great for employees for many reasons.

These spaces can help your employees throughout each work day to feel better and can help refresh their mind when needed. They can also serve as great areas for them to communicate and collaborate with other employees, breaking down barriers and leading to more productivity and creativity.

Comfortable spaces and meeting areas where employees can talk or rest for a few moments can serve your business well.

2. Find Ways to Bring in More Light

Great office lighting is your friend when it comes to boosting productivity in your office. Great lighting can make even the most dreary office into a much brighter and comfortable space.

You should look for as many ways as possible to bring in clean, natural light to an office or work area. Often, this means having some great windows which let in natural sunlight, so opt for a contemporary office space with a lot of windows when possible.

If your office has limited windows and letting sunlight inside your office isn’t possible at the moment, some good natural lighting and lamps can also have a similar effect.

3. Add Some Plants to Your Office

In addition to natural lighting, other natural design choices can make all of the difference in helping employees feel more comfortable and productive. Try adding some office plants or other types of greenery around your office to create a great atmosphere and make your office a better place to be.

Plants can look great and have a comforting effect on your team. However, they also have the added benefit of improving the air quality in an office. With a few plants around the office, your employees will breathe easier and be much healthier as a result.

4. Brand Your Space

One way to add a bit of excitement and more appreciation for your office space is to simply paint it in the right light by working on your branding.

Make sure to tie your company’s brand identity in with the office space. Put branding materials and your company logo around your office. Place your company name prominently where everyone can see it and find other ways to change your office to align more with your brand.

You may even consider coming up with a branded name for the office space itself or for different areas of the office. This can help these spaces to feel more like home and feel more comfortable for employees.

5. Think Outside of the Desk

While traditionally there is often one person for one desk, there are many other ways to set up work areas in your office. Other arrangements can also work well and lead to great productivity and more collaboration in your office.

You may choose to opt for larger communal work areas and desks instead. You also may look into options for having several workers share desks.

Sharing desks can especially work well if you have employees who aren’t in the office every day. If you have mobile workers who only work in the office from time to time, it can be a waste to have a lot of empty desks around that aren’t being used at any given time.

6. Allow More Employee Personalization

While there has been some debate over what amount of personal belongings someone should have in the office, the truth is that desk personalization can be a good idea.

Employees often feel more comfortable and productive when they’re able to create a space that feels like their own. By having some personal items or photos at their desk or workstation, an employee can personalize their space and become more productive as a result.

There may be other ways to let employees personalize the office as well. Ask your employees what changes they want to see in the office and consider their suggestions.

7. Invest In Comfortable Furniture

The right furniture can also make a lot of difference in the design of your office. Some modern offices have bean bag chairs or even swinging seats to make sure their employees are relaxed.

At the very least, however, it’s a good idea to invest in comfortable furniture for employees that looks stylish and feels great. This company, for example, offers great high-quality furniture that can help any office space become more elegant and comfortable.

It may cost a bit more money up front to get really good desks and chairs in your office. However, think of it as an investment and realize that your employees will probably do better work as a result.

8. Incorporate More Open Space

One of the most important tips for having a fun office space is to make sure that your office remains tidy and clean at all times. Your office should always be organized and should have a clean design with plenty of open space.

Look for ways to make your space more organized and less uncluttered. Adding more open space to your office design can be a big help in creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

You really can’t have too much space and room in your office. Try to strike a good balance between having the desks and workspaces you need to get work done while also having plenty of open areas that will ensure your employees don’t get claustrophobic.

Using These Tips For Creative Office Spaces

With a little bit of effort, you can create an office that changes your business for the better. By designing and implementing some creative office spaces, you can make your employees more comfortable and will ensure they’re as productive as possible.

By considering the steps above you’ll be able to create a great work environment that pays dividends for your business in the long run.

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